I used to wash Delay’s clothes; I was her slave – Afia Schwarzenegger

BY: graphic.com.gh
Afia Schwarzenegger

Popular comedian and On Air Personality (OAP), Afia Schwarzenegger, has opened up on what strained her relationship with former friend and fellow OAP, Deloris Frimpong-Manso a.k.a. Delay.

Both women used to be best of friends, with Delay giving Afia the lead role in the popular ‘Afia Schwarzenegger’ TV series.

However, the relationship between the two has deteriorated to such an extent that they hurl insults at each other mostly through social media platforms.

Speaking on Accra-based Live FM over the weekend, Afia threw light on what her beef with Delay was.

She said: “When I came back in 2010, I came back and contacted a friend called Scholastica that ‘ this is what I want to do ,  I want to shoot a reality show on me because then I’ve  been watching the Kardashians for God knows  how long and I thought you know what this will fly in Ghana with a very funny personality’.

“We were eating at Holiday Inn when we crossed Deloris. Then she was dating Kobby, who had a little chicken change and Kobby decided to finance the show because Kobby was financing the show, and I’m saying this on record, I had to… I used to wash Deloris’ clothes, somebody that I fed, somebody that I gave shelter. I used to clean the house of her boyfriend because then I didn’t have money and she had the money so I was her slave.”

Afia, who is the host of Kasapa’s FM mid-morning show, Aben W) Ha said:  “It got to a point Deloris would dictate to me who to date and who not to date. When the cup was full, I was like ‘hey I’m two and half years older than this little girl, even my younger sister is one year seven months older than you, why would I let down myself because I’m working for you and you are not paying me.”


She continued:  “We were walking one day and we ran into the Marketing Manager of Expresso who happened to be somebody that I knew from South Africa and Expresso gave us one year sponsorship, out of it Deloris was paying me two million [GH₵200].

“Afia Schwarzenegger was making 300 million [GH₵30,000] and I was getting 2 million [GH₵200] from it, after all the insults.  I’m a business-minded person, I realised this will not get me anywhere so let me just take a bow and leave and then she felt ‘if you are not going with me, then you are my enemy’.”

Afia's official car at Kasapa FM

Afia praised musician Kwabena Kwabena for encouraging her to rid herself of Delay and pursue her own dreams.

“I had just met Kwabena Kwabena and he told me ‘you have something but you don’t know, you think Deloris is everything but I’m telling you – if you can step up your game and start nurturing what you have someday you will sit somewhere and thank me’. And every day in my life as a comedian, I’m grateful to Kwabena Kwabena because he thought he said something in passing but I sat down pondered over it and decided to move on,“ she said.

Afia Schwarzenegger, who is also a TV Presenter at UTV and ETV,  went on to add that she had forgiven Delay, but was waiting for her to apologise.

“Well, I’m still waiting for her apology letter and the whisky. I have forgiven her but still I’m waiting for the apology,” she said.