I fight against evil, sabotage - Ayisha Modi

BY: Delali Sika
Stakeholder in GH entertainment industry Ayisha Modi says she is against evil and sabotage
Ayisha Modi

Ayisha Modi has become a popular name in the entertainment industry not because she acts, raps or sings but because of the number of ‘beefs’ she has had with industry players.

Her penchant for talking about the role she has played in the lives of some of the people she’s ‘beefed’ has raised questions about her motives but she told Graphic Showbiz recently that she was only fighting against the evil and lack of appreciation of industry players.

“I don’t just get up and do certain things but as a behind-the-scenes person and by virtue of my affiliation with almost everyone in the industry, I know a lot of things.

“I know a lot is going on and if it is not taken seriously and dealt with, the industry will go down. In fact, these things are part of the reasons we are here today. There is no growth and we are not hitting places we want to because the sabotage in the industry is too much.

“If I tell you the things I know you will weep. We have instances where a company comes to Ghana with an intent to set up and use some celebrities as ambassadors. While that is supposed to be a good thing, you will find some of these celebrities going about bad-mouthing one another to these investors. Those who cannot stand it go back and those who try, don’t succeed. How can we grow with this?” she asked.

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“Again, when there is a show, you will get an artiste saying ‘if this person is on the bill, then I will not perform’, another will say, ‘this person is not right for the show’ etc. I have a lot of recordings; I have a lot of conversations and these things are bad, they are not healthy.

“So, for me, when I see these things, or I know someone doing that yet comes out to pretend, I can’t hold my peace, I need to let people know.

“Furthermore, people do not know how to repay good with good in this industry. You will help people and in the end they will sit down and call you names.
“Such actions make it difficult for people to help. I believe that when someone helps you at any point in time in your life, no matter what happens, you should not speak ill of the person, always choose your fights wisely. The gossip and enmity are appalling,” she said.

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According to Ayisha Modi, there are very bad things going on now which do not bode well for the industry.

“The worst of all is that it has become difficult to call someone your friend, it is difficult to confide in someone because everyone is now recording conversations, how did we get here?

“Why would you even think of recording your conversation with someone if your intentions are not evil and when you ask, they will tell you it is for evidence in the future. How did you know there would be a need for it if you are not an evil person? I just aim to expose people who act like they have good intentions but do not,” she said.

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Ayisha Modi said even though not many would understand her cause, she was okay with that and was not perturbed by the insults. “I’m not worried at all, the insults do nothing to me, I believe that at the right time, when things start unfolding, people will understand the reason I did all that and what I stood for.”