Graphic Online apologises to Joyce Dzidzor over 'suicide stunt' story

BY: Isaac Yeboah

Former AIDS Ambassador for the Ghana AIDS Commission, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has denied ever belying her threat to commit murder suicide last Saturday.

She has therefore described as false, a publication by Graphic Online which claimed she had told a friend her threat was merely to protect her children in school.

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Dzidzor told Graphic Online she did not speak with any friend on Saturday after her post on Facebook threatening to kill herself and her children so they could have their peace from public stigmatization.

She wondered how she was going to protect her children by faking the suicide threat, saying “it does not make sense” and asked the public to ignore the publication.

Graphic Online, through its Editor, apologized to Joyce Dzidzor for the publication, explaining a trusted source had informed of the claim which she denies.

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“We made efforts to reach you, and failing that we went public with what our usually trusty source had provided us. We are indeed sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused you”, said Isaac Yeboah, the Editor.