Fa Me Kor — eShun says

BY: Elorm Kojo Ntumy

In preparation for the launch of her album, songstress, eShun, has released her first single of the year titled Fa Me Kor.

Fa Me Kor which translates to ‘Take me away’ in English, is a song about finding true love and committing wholeheartedly to it.

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The reggae tinged song has eShun singing in English, Twi and Ga as she says that with her lover by her side she is ready to face the world and can’t wait to say I do.

eShun showcases her amazing vocal range and versatility on the single, once again attesting to her immense talent.

“Fa Me Kor is about finding the right kind of love that makes you know that you are done searching.

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That kind of love will make you let go of all the insecurities, fears and doubts that you might have been harbouring from previous relationships.

At that point you know deep down that it is time to say take me away,” eShun told Showbiz in an interview.

She said the song is actually a sequel to her earlier single, Someone Loves Me, which features Flow King Stone.

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eShun has already released the cover for the album, titled, Untamed and she promises to release the Album track list before the end of this month.

“My management and I are almost done with plans for the launch of the Untamed album and as soon as the date is finalised I will let my fans know.

The album will captivate listeners with amazing songs that will speak to their hearts,” she said.

In addition to the upcoming album, and new music, eShun will also embark on a tour, which will see her play shows in some African and European countries later in the year.