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Drop your old ways — Flowkingstone to veterans

BY: Kofi Duah

OFTEN times, musicians who have tasted fame in the past feel too proud to acknowledge talents of their younger colleagues.

Some have even decided not to work with any of them because they (older musicians) believe they have seen it all and have T-shirts to show for it.

But rapper Flowkingstone thinks otherwise and is urging older musicians not to be complacent but rather learn from the young ones how they are doing it in order to be abreast of time and continue to stay relevant.

Although Flowkingstone has been in the music industry for close to 20 years and has hits songs to his credit, he says "I still listen to the young ones and I take a lot of inspiration from them. I will not say because I have had hits in the past I will not interact with them to pick their brains too. Someone like Black Sherif is doing amazing stuff and I wouldn’t mind working with him at all,” he told Graphic Showbiz in an interview.

According to Flowkingstone, it was about time old musicians went to the young ones and also learned from them how they were doing it and stopped sticking to their old ways of doing things.

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“Most old musicians think they have made hits before so they refuse to learn from the young ones; as a result, they are unable to make hit songs again. When the system changes, you need to also change to be in business. I love the young musicians and appreciate their works,” he said.

Flowkingstone has been missing in action for a while and the talented musician who is one-half of rap duo, Bradez and known for songs such as Go Low, Blow My Mind, Fire Bon Dem, Gifted, among others, said he took a break to be with his family.

“Family is very important to me and because mine live in the UK, I had to take time off to be with them. I can always come back to music but once I keep away from my children who are young, I might miss them growing up and might not be able to groom them the way I want.

“Although I love music, family comes first for me. As for music, I can always come back to it anytime but as for family, once you lose out, you do so for good,” he said

Flowkingstone, who is back in the country, said he was dropping an EP titled Love and Party tomorrow, September 23, and he knew Ghanaians would love it.

“I have songs such as Dimple, Make Up, Wind For Me and Good Times on the EP and trust me, all the songs are fire. When you have been away for a while, you need to let your fans enjoy your new works and that is exactly what I have done,” he revealed

According to Flowkingstone, he was overwhelmed by messages and calls from his fans and industry players who asked him when he was coming out with something new.

“While I was away, I had a lot of messages from my loved ones asking me when I was dropping something new. This shows how much they miss me. In fact, I wanted to drop a single but I decided to rather come out with an EP of four powerful songs so that my fans can enjoy more,” he said