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Editor's Lens: Dear celebrities, guard your words
Actor Prince David Osei has raised concerns about the development

Editor's Lens: Dear celebrities, guard your words

Celebrities wield incredible influence and power because they are mostly adored and idolised.


This status, however, comes with a great deal of responsibility, especially with how they engage with the media and the public.

Quite unfortunately, there seems to be a growing trend in the use of foul language and insults in addressing issues, setting a negative precedent for the industry.

This growing practice casts a negative impression that it's acceptable to use derogatory language when expressing an opinion.

Celebrities, as influencers, role models and cultural icons, have a duty to guard their words and actions. It is not merely a matter of personal reputation but a reflection of the industry and its standards since diplomacy should not be lost within the boundaries of showbiz.

Graphic Showbiz, and the larger players in the creative industry believe that there are more appropriate and diplomatic ways to resolve issues. Launching verbal attacks on the media or resorting to insults is not only unproductive but also tarnishes the image of the industry they are in.

The consequences of such behaviours are far-reaching. It erodes the credibility of celebrities, undermines their moral authority and alienates their fan base. It also reinforces stereotypes that paint the industry as shallow and devoid of substance. The public deserves better from their idols, as they are held to higher standards by virtue of their status.

The entertainment industry is a reflection of society. As such, it should champion values of respect and tolerance irrespective of the situation.

Our celebrities should be vessels for addressing important issues with dignity and respect.

Being in the limelight comes with huge responsibility and the more reason our celebrities must guard their words.

It is important for celebrities to recognise this growing trend and publicly condemn it.

 In a recent post on Twitter(X), actor Prince David Osei urged people to express their opinions without insults.

Even though his comments didn't mention celebrities, they are equally guilty and Graphic Showbiz applauds him for tackling this issue which is becoming a menace, particularly in the creative space.

Graphic Showbiz believes that by adopting a respectful and diplomatic approach in addressing issues, people command huge respect. In the end, it's not just about their personal reputation but that of an entire industry that thrives on the admiration and support of its audience.

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