Appreciate executive producers—Goodies to artistes

BY: Kofi Duah
Goodies asks mucians to appreciate executive producers
Executive Music Producer, Goodies

EXECUTIVE music producer, Goodies has expressed his displeasure at how some musicians are not appreciative of executive producers who invest so much in them by unexpectedly severing ties with them.

He believes musicians should be grateful to executive producers who dole out money to push their music career because it is hard to find an investor to promote an artiste and transform him from a nobody to an artiste of high calibre.

According to Goodies whose real name is Isaac Aidoo, it is painful to have an artiste just walk out on you after investing so much to make him or her a force to reckon with in the music industry.

“It hurts to invest in an artiste who had nothing only for him or her to become an A-List artiste and then walk out on you. This thing is still happening in our industry and it is about time musicians put a stop to it.

“I suffered a similar situation in the past with some of my artistes and I will not repeat that mistake. It is about time executive producers signed contracts with artistes, that will prevent them from ‘breaking up’ with you like that.

“I was naïve in the past and spent money on musicians without signing contracts with them. I am sure I would have made a lot of money back then but now, I have wised up and I am prepared to do business this time around” he told Graphic Showbiz in a recent interview.

Goodies goes back to music business

Goodies however goes on to advise individuals or companies who have the means to sign artistes to do so because the music business is lucrative.

“Apart from Lynx Entertainment, we don’t have record labels in our music industry which is bad. For this industry to grow, we need a lot of such outfits to help push some of our musicians to the next level and trust me any record label who invests in musicians will make their money back and more” he said.

Talking about the music industry, Goodies who once worked with artistes such as Lord Kenya, VIP, Mzbel, Tic Tac, Barima Sidney among others said it needsserious investments.

“The government should think about investing big time in the music industry because there is so much money to be made from that sector. Other countries have made a lot of money through music and we can do same here.

"I know the Nigerian government puts in so much money in her’s and makes a lot of money in return” Goodies added.