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All I wanted was to die because of severe pains from the plastic surgery– Transgender Jay Boogie
All I wanted was to die because of severe pains from the plastic surgery– Transgender Jay Boogie

All I wanted was to die because of severe pains from my failed BBL– Transgender Jay Boogie

"It was hurting that I sat down and said, 'God abeg, I am just tired. I just want to go [die]. What am I even doing? Who send me to come do this nyansh sef?. , "My legs were swollen. The urine was very high. At that point, I was measuring my intake of water. Every day, I would be going for dialysis, they would be taking out my blood and all that."


Those were the exact words of  Nigerian transgender Jay Boogie when he opened up in a conversation with  Chude Jideonwo on details of the distressing aftermath following a cosmetic surgery gone wrong, revealing the severe impact it had on his mental well-being, even leading him to contemplate death.

The 25-year-old transgender said his health took a severe downturn after the failed Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure and had to undergo dialysis daily just to pass urine, revealing the extent of the physical toll the surgery had taken on his body. (Transgender Jay Boogie in critical condition after failed BBL, urgently requires kidney transplant)

"People that I thought were my friends came into the hospital and took pictures of me and sent them to bloggers. It was becoming so annoying that the bullying online was even too much. I was receiving death threats," Jay Boogie explained during the interview.

The influencer expressed frustration over the invasion of his privacy, asserting that he did not willingly share images of his condition on social media. Jay Boogie emphasized his preference for a discreet and low-key life, adding, "I'm a discreet person. I don't like flaunting things. I love living a low-key life because nobody cares about you. You should care about yourself."

Jay Boogie further revealed that false information about needing public assistance for a kidney transplant was circulated online. The misinformation led to an influx of death threats, exacerbating an already distressing situation.

Addressing the online harassment, Jay Boogie shared, "With the dramas going online, people bullying me, saying, 'How man go go do nyansh,' can you even imagine the mentality? Do you even see me as a man? This is something I want for myself."

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