Achievers’ Magazine to go digital

Author: Eugene Selorm Owusu
Desmond Edem
Desmond Edem

In 2015, he started the Achievers' Magazine, a print magazine dedicated to students and all facets of campus lifestyle, and a year down the line, Desmond Edem Eklu is taking it to a virtual platform.

Achiever’s Magazine aims at inspiring change among the youth of Africa through realistic motivation, appropriate spiritual edification and entertainment on the various campuses.

In a chat with Showbiz last Monday, the Level 300 Bachelor of Education (Accounting) student of the University of Cape Coast (UCC), said he hatched this idea right from the time he entered the university. 

"The vision to put young Africans on the global map started in Level 100. The aim of the project is to become Africa's leading source of motivation to the youth in areas of potential development and entrepreneurship.

 "What gave birth to this initiative is the fact that in Africa, the best advice we get is to go to school, get a degree and a great job, and live comfortably. But this principle is no longer really applicable.

"Also, in Africa, we believe that young people are not capable of doing anything good for themselves so we do not appreciate the good initiatives or ideas brought forward by the youth. This has in a way suppressed creativity among young people in our part of the world. What we seek to do with our magazine is to empower young people to take up their ideas and pursue them to realisation", he added.

On why he's going digital, the young entrepreneur candidly told Showbiz that the print edition was not too successful hence going online.

Born in Aflao in the Volta Region of Ghana, Desmond Edem Eklu started his primary education in 1996 at the Ecole Privée Laïque Mon Avenir, at Lomé-Adidogome in Togo. He later continued at the Institut Privée Des Vainqueurs, also in Lomé for his secondary education where he completed in 2005.

He relocated to Ghana and enrolled at the Akatsi College Practice School in the Volta Region in September 2006 to start yet another secondary education, where he completed successfully in 2008 and won an award as the best student in Mathematics and French.

Zion College in Anloga was his next educational institution where he studied Business. He held many leadership positions including class prefect, club president and senior school prefect while studying there and founded the French and German clubs in the school.

He disclosed to Showbiz that his organisation has grown very fast and has about 15 students working part-time as editors and researchers across the tertiary institutions in Ghana. 

“Through our Achievers' Campus Network initiative, we now have about 50 writers registered for our online platform which will be launched in September this year”, said the UCC undergrad who hopes to become one of the greatest businessmen on the continent.