‘Odo Mframa’ comes from E.K. Sahene

BY: Graphic Showbiz / Ghana

He may not be a well-known personality on the music scene but E.K. Sahene  is gradually proving that he has what it takes to become an entrenched star.

The Kwahu Tafo-born singer is still hustling to put out his debut album but one of the singles from the collection points to a young man eager to make a name as a serious highlife singer with clean, motivational lyrics.

The single he recently put into the public domain is Odo Mframa which would be included in his  Agyan album. Recorded at Jacking’s Studio in Accra, Odo Mframa  features Gustave Legist and Okesie Limit.

The song is a medium-paced love piece rendered in Twi and English. It shows the writer’s grasp of  Twi and the ability to create a catchy chorus.

Though it is a take on romantic love, Sahene stays within decent limits and cooks something palatable enough to be consumed by all.

“I don’t believe that songs about romantic love should necessarily be explicit. We can be creative around it and make things pleasant for everybody,” says Sahene.

He is determined to  join the league of great highlife singers but would like to see his art firmly accepted in international circles. He loves to feature with live bands because, that’s the road to maturity in music and wider acceptance.

Still on the lookout for a technical producer and manager, Sahene is an actor as well and appears in the  Multicolour series on Viasat 1.