I have not slighted Ghanaian gospel artistes — Sonnie Badu

BY: Kofi Duah/Graphic Showbiz/Ghana

United Kingdom-based Ghanaian gospel musician, Sonnie Badu,   has  at a press conference last Tuesday at the Holiday Inn in  Accra, denied ever taking a swipe at Ghanaian gospel musicians.

The internationally-acclaimed gospel artiste is alleged to have said in 2009 that Ghanaian gospel songs lacked lyrical direction compared to those of Nigeria and that had contributed to Ghana’s inability to produce international gospel stars. 

Some media houses reported the controversial issue again two days after his Africa Worships with Sonnie Badu concert held last Saturday at the Accra Sports Stadium  . 

He is alleged to have said that, “Ghanaian gospel artistes don’t have enough confidence to come out with certain things. Let us take Nigerian songs for example; they are quite straight, simple, praising and thanking God for a lot of things.

 “Sometimes you listen to certain songs and you think, do all songs have to talk about death, struggles, sickness among others? The songs don’t make sense.

“It is about time we picked true songs of worship and choose songs of praise about the awesomeness of God.

Addressing the press conference, Badu said some media houses were blowing the issue out of proportion.

 “Why would I say Ghanaian gospel songs don’t make sense when I am a Ghanaian and I listen to Ghanaian music? I don’t think the Ghanaian musicians would have supported me to put up my concert if I had made those statements.”

Asked what exactly he said, Badu  stated that  he could remember saying the lyrics in some Ghanaian gospel songs were not good enough and that older gospel musicians should give room to younger ones to shine.