Bohyeba Victoria Antwi says ‘Yeda W’ase’

BY: Delali Sika
Bohyeba Victoria gives thanks new single 'Yeda W'ase'
Bohyeba Victoria Antwi

Thanksgiving is a key pillar for people of the Christian faith and Gospel singer Bohyeba Victoria Antwi is promoting it with her new single 'Yeda W’ase', released last week.

The mid-tempo tune highlights how the unconditional love of God was manifested in Him giving up His only son Jesus Christ for the sins of the world and how thanksgiving should be part of our daily lives.
“The greatest sacrifice is to die for another person and that was exactly what Jesus did for us. For this reason, I believe that the death that came with the sacrifice of love and its celebration should not only be highlighted or celebrated during occasions like Easter.

“If we constantly talk about God’s expensive love, we share in the importance of the act of love. Also, the song urges believers to always be grateful since the Bible admonishes us to always give thanks to God.

“By this song, I want to encourage people to imbibe the attitude of gratitude. Yes, sometimes life is hard but no matter what, there are many reasons we should be grateful,” she told Graphic Showbiz.

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A five-minute video, which is on YouTube, does a good job of pushing the concept of 'Yeda W’ase' with people dancing cheerfully to show their gratitude for the many good things in their lives.  

Bohyeba Victoria Antwi, who also runs Bohyeba Ministries, nurtured her singing skills at Tarkwa as a member of her church (Church of Pentecost) choir known as Fire Singers.

Since then, she’s been honing her talent and released her maiden album 'Me Ye Kese' in 2012 and followed up with 'Ye Da W’ase' in 2017. At the moment, she’s working on releasing the third album later this year.

“It was a difficult time for me last year since most of my plans couldn’t happen due to COVID-19. I had a few gigs outside the country but they didn’t happen. It’s my prayer that we will overcome this pandemic so that we can travel the world to preach the word of God,” she said.