Be versatile with your style - Gospel musician Hannah Marfo

BY: Kofi Duah and Papa Nyan Andoh
Gospel musician Hannah Marfo urges colleagues to be versatile when it comes to doing songs
Hannah Marfo

Gospel musician Hannah Marfo has urged her colleagues to be versatile with their style so they can give their fans more reasons to be excited.

There have been complaints about how Gospel songs these days sound the same but according to Hannah Marfo, Gospel musicians shouldn't be confined to one style but could do Afrobeats or Reggae Gospel songs.

“We can move away from the worship and praise songs and do other genres like Reggae, Afrobeats and Highlife. With that, we will be able to get our fans to enjoy our songs more.

"Ghanaians enjoy other genres of music and if we give them what they want they will be glued to us. My popular Reggae song Obi Nnim Da Nyame Beba is a typical example of songs I expect us to do,” she told Graphic Showbiz recently.

Hannah Marfo revealed that she was about to release an Afrobeats song and wanted her fans to jam to it.

“My Afrobeats song is almost ready and the youth will love it. It has all the catchy words and chorus while the beat is on point. I want to reach a bigger audience by doing other genres in Gospel," she said.

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The singer also weighed in on Gospel musicians collaborating with secular artistes saying she had no problem with it because no one is perfect and we cannot be judgmental.

“Although some people will say it is wrong for Gospel musicians to collaborate with secular acts, I don’t agree because nobody is perfect. It is only God who can judge us. Even the people who look very religious are sometimes worse than those we call bad," she said.

Although she has no issue with it, Hannah Marfo however said she would not collaborate with a secular artiste.

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She took the opportunity to appeal to Ghanaians to ensure peace prevails in the upcoming elections and asked presidential candidates to accept the results of the elections to avoid any chaos.

“I want to tell all political parties that they should accept the results of the elections so that we can continue to enjoy peace in this country. I know we have good leaders who want to keep the peace,” she said.
Hannah Marfo has been in the music business for nearly two decades and said she is not retiring anytime soon. She has songs such as Meda W’ase, Nyame Ye Nyame, Anigyie, Yesu Nti, Dabenda among others.

She has just released her latest single Nyame Beye Wokese after a long break from the scene.