Lockdown will be in interest of Ghanaians — Kojo Antwi

BY: Kofi Duah
Kojo Antwi
Kojo Antwi

As Ghana continues to record more cases of coronavirus with the numbers expected to rise, many Ghanaians have been urging the government to undertake a lockdown to contain the spread.

Stakeholders including the Ghana Medical Association and Trades Union Congress say although it is difficult, a lockdown is the best option to save lives. Celebrities have also weighed in with a number of them calling for the lockdown.

Kojo Antwi

The latest to do so is Highlife musician Kojo Antwi who says a lockdown will be the best option for Ghanaians now.

“It is a hard decision but it is in the interest of Ghana. We cannot have more deaths and what if the majority of Ghanaians get infected by the virus through the community? Other countries recorded fewer cases just like Ghana and now look at where we are now. Let’s lock down, stay at home and see the best way out of this situation,” he told the Daily Graphic last Thursday.

Kojo Antwi said there was no need to wait for the virus to spread to the masses before a lockdown was done else there would be chaos.

Kojo Antwi used the opportunity to advise Ghanaians to be watchful. “This is no joke, coronavirus is killing people and it is about time we stayed at home and obeyed all the guidelines and hope that everything comes back to normal,” he said.

The music legend told his fans to expect something new after the country comes out of this trying moment.