Celestine Donkor dispels myths about COVID-19

BY: Kofi Duah
Celestine Donkor
Celestine Donkor

Gospel musician, Celestine Donkor, is on a mission to educate Ghanaians about some of the myths about coronavirus .

On Monday, May 4 at 6p.m, Celestine Donkor will go live on her social media pages to talk about the disease.


Speaking with the Daily Graphic, Celestine Donkor said there were so many misconceptions about coronavirus which they needed to be dispelled.

“Some individuals believe drinking alcohol can prevent COVID-19 and as we talk now, I am sure some people are ignorantly drinking it in the name of preventing the virus.

“I am telling such people to put a stop to drinking alcohol and do the needful which is washing their hands with soap under running water, applying alcohol-based hand sanitisers and practice social distancing,” she said.

Again, she said, Ghanaians needed to know that not only the aged could contract the virus. “The young are also dying just like the aged and one needs to be aware of that and be very careful.

“The young ones are not so careful and that is worrying. As we speak now, the infected people are above 2,000 and we need to be very careful about that,” she said.


According to Celestine, the stigma COVID-19 patients were facing was bad and needed to stop. “The stigma associated with COVID-19 is so bad that even patients who have recovered are being shunned by their loved ones.

“COVID-19 is not deadly if you don’t have an underlying sickness so why would people avoid people who have recovered,” she said.

Celestine said she was in talks with GHOne, Praise TV and Multimedia to help push the agenda. She intends to run it for eight weeks.