Will CCTV control crime in Kumasi

BY: Arku Jasmine

Ghana has been touted as an oasis of peace in a very turbulent sub-region where many of the countries are building from the ashes of war or civil strife, trade in small arms is on the ascendancy and ex-combatants are struggling to integrate into society.

We have enjoyed peace, stability and democracy that have engendered economic growth. No doubt today we have left the league of low income countries.

In spite of the peace and tranquillity in the country, certain deviants are bent on creating insecurity in some of the cities and other communities.

Armed robbery has become a common phenomenon, with the perpetrators adopting sophisticated technology to outwit law enforcement agencies on some occasions.

Our respect for law and order has made Ghana the preferred destination for foreign direct investments which have yielded dividends in the form of the establishment of all kinds of businesses by foreigners.

We recollect with fond memor