National Chief Imam has shown the way

BY: Daily Graphic
National Chief Imam has shown the way
National Chief Imam has shown the way

The National Chief Imam, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, has consistently shown that he is a unifier and believes in religious diversity, tolerance and inter-faith unity.

The revered Muslim leader took this a notch higher yesterday when he donated GH¢50,000 to aid the construction of the National Cathedral to ensure its early completion.

The presentation was made when the Board of Trustees of the National Cathedral visited his residence yesterday (SEE STORY ON PAGE 13). The visit was to congratulate him on the completion of the National Mosque and also brief him on the progress made so far on the construction of the National Cathedral.

This noble gesture by the National Chief Imam has also shown by words and deeds that supporting the construction of the cathedral is a worthy cause and in the national interest. We can only express our gratitude to him for this show of love and support.

The Daily Graphic is happy that the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Cathedral, Apostle Opoku Onyinah said some progress had been made in the fundraising campaign, that the project was currently at the excavation level, and that that phase would be completed soon for the construction process to begin.

“I believe many people, including Christians and Muslims, are going to follow what he has done so that we will not use our diversity to fight but exhibit love for one another to bring us together as a people of God and as Ghanaians,” he said.

For us, the good gesture by the Chief Imam is, indeed, exemplary, which must be emulated by all by heeding to the national appeal for support to complete the construction of the cathedral in good time.

Apostle Onyinah hinted that on September 5, this year, all pastors in the Greater Accra Region, together with their spouses, would meet at Royalhouse Chapel International in Accra to launch the fund-raising strategies for the project.

We do hope that the launch will also attract much more support.

The National Chief Imam has, by all standards, shown the way and his commitment to deeply cement inter-faith relationship. All we can do as good citizens of the land is to emulate his shining example, which will go a long way to strengthen the goodwill and bond that currently exist between Muslims and Christians.

The country is blessed to be enjoying peace and unity, and one reason for this is simply the wise counsel, at all times, from our eminent religious leader, Sheikh Sharubutu. Clearly, he has been a peacemaker and moderating voice in our nation.

He has never allowed religion or politics to come in between or determine relationships and this is the hallmark of an outstanding leader.

Thanks to the likes of leaders such as Sheikh Sharubutu, many inter-faith groupings are working together, and without any hindrance, towards maintaining inter-religious cooperation and harmony.