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Author: Graphic Showbiz
Nana Aba Anamoah
Nana Aba Anamoah

The media and celebrities are two entities whose fortunes are tied together.

Without the media promoting the works of celebrities to the public, they will be virtually unknown and it will be impossible for them to attain the status of celebrities.

Both groups need each other in order to thrive but it is unfortunate that some sections of the media are only interested in reporting negative news about others.

It is true that bad news sells and in this era of clicks and trends, it is definitely the negative news that gets traffics to websites and blogs. This should however not be the justification for some sections of the media to actively seek to project only negative stories about individuals.

For the media to be credible, it needs to be balanced and objective.

If Ghanaian celebrities misconduct themselves then it is only fair that the media makes this public however equal or more emphasis should be placed on success stories and the positive deeds of celebrities.

It is common knowledge that in some countries, the media have deliberately decided to to project their entertainment personalities and industry to create a positive image and make it attractive to investors.

This is how countries such as India and others have seen their actors and musicians land gigs in major Hollywood productions among others.

The Ghanaian media has to emulate this if they truly believe they have the best interest of the arts and creative industry at heart.

Our industry is struggling to stay on its feet and it is important that the media contributes to its survival rather than its demise.