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Some students of the Akosa MA JHS 1 going through pages of the Junior Graphic
Some students of the Akosa MA JHS 1 going through pages of the Junior Graphic

Today, September 6, 2017, the Junior Graphic is 17 years old.

The first issue of the paper was published on September 6, 2000 to assist children cultivate the habit of reading and also give them a voice to express their opinions on issues that affect them and national development.

Indeed, the paper has lived up to its expectations over the years, as it has developed into a source of education for children in basic school, while parents have also found it authoritative on matters regarding basic education.

A large number of pupils and students in basic schools relish seeing their articles, poems, drawings and photographs in the paper, for which reason they save money during the school week to be able to purchase copies of the paper on Wednesdays when the Junior Graphic appears on the newsstands.

The weekly publication of the paper offers children who cannot afford to buy novels a regular access to reading materials which provide them a wide range of information which otherwise cannot be obtained in the classroom.

As we celebrate 17 years of the Junior Graphic, we express our profound gratitude to all children who have written countless letters, poems and short stories for publication in the paper and participated in the numerous spelling, essay and other competitions organised each year for their enthusiasm and support.

Indeed, we are happy to be part of the lives of the students we met in basic school who have grown into adulthood; some of whom have also become journalists, sometimes working with the paper and assisting to improve on the Junior Graphic for our cherished younger readers.

We salute all children and encourage every child in basic school to make the Junior Graphic his or her companion because it is the best newspaper in the country to give children a voice and travel their journey through basic school with them.