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Farewell Paapa Yankson

Author: Graphic Showbiz
Paapa Yankson
Paapa Yankson

Last Saturday, one of Ghana’s music legends, Paapa Yankson, who died on July 21 was laid to rest.

Thankfully, the arrangements for his funeral did not bring about any drama like we have witnessed with some of our personalities and the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), collaborated well with the family to give him a farewell befitting his status.

The appearance of the President, Nana Akufo-Addo at the funeral was very heartwarming and we are sure it was a gesture really appreciated by the late musician’s family.

As usual, our celebrities from all sectors of the creative arts industry were also around to pay their last respects.

Paapa Yankson paid his dues to Ghanaian music and was a worthy ambassador of Highlife music with a career that spanned about four decades and produced evergreen songs like ‘Tsena Me Nkyen’, ‘Okukuseku’, ‘Otan Hun’, ‘Gye Me’, ‘W’ara Akefa Aba’, ‘Bebia Odo Wo’, ‘Gyae Saa Ye,’ ‘Wo Yere Na Wo Maame’ and many more.

He was one of the most prolific songwriters and loved the stage, performing even as his health degenerated.

It was therefore appropriate that his send off was done well with all the respects paid to such a fine musician.

Although he has been buried, his death also revives a long running issue; taking care of our aged musicians. We all know that under normal circumstances, the musicians are supposed to take care of themselves but for veterans like Paapa Yankson whose careers began at a time when the scene was not as lucrative as today, some form of support was not out of place.

Although MUSIGA must be commended for its support of ageing musicians, a lot more needs to be done to ensure that our veterans, who are institutions, are taken care of.

Government needs to put in place a fund that will support the industry and give the artistes a buffer when times get rough.

We at Showbiz are not saying our musicians should be spoonfed but a little support goes a long way.

We console Paapa Yankson’s family and pray that the Lord gives him rest. Farewell Paapa Yankson.