Deal with Teshie troublemakers

BY: Enoch Darfah Frimpong

Accra is the gateway to our country and even now we tout it as the Gateway to West Africa.

There are many factors that stand Accra out as a conducive place for business among other cities in the sub-region.

Generally speaking,  Accra has lived up to its accolade as the gateway to the sub-region, but there are a few challenges that the government and the traditional authorities must resolve to help the city and its residents to get the best from the metropolis.

Accra is home to people from all walks of life, making the city cosmopolitan. It is on record that about one million people visit the city every day to transact all kinds of businesses.

The metropolis is very important to the political and economic development of the country, for which reason everything must be done to maintain the city as the best destination for business on the globe, in spite of the limitations.

In spite of the pressure on the city authorities to provide the necessary social amenities to meet the needs of residents, the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) and  other local authorities in the city must step up their acts to ensure that all services are provided for comfortable daily endeavours.

The Daily Graphic thinks the work of the city authorities will be made less burdensome if the chiefs, elders and people of the Ga State settle the chieftaincy disputes in almost all the traditional areas in the metropolis.

No community can develop and meet the needs of the people if there is no peace in the area. It is about time the factions in the chieftaincy disputes in the metropolis buried their grievances in order to concentrate on the development of the city.

As things stand now, the people spend time trying to fix chieftaincy problems, instead of using the time to work towards the resolution of everyday challenges such as sanitation problems, streetism, perennial flooding and lack of social housing which compels some of the residents to sleep on the streets

The chieftaincy dispute came to a head in one of the traditional areas in Accra, Teshie, yesterday, when a faction in the chieftaincy dispute tried to install a chief. Reports said one person died as a result, three were injured and are in hospital, while four others are in police cells to assist in police investigations.

We consider that incident very unfortunate, but we believe the deviants will be dealt with according to the laws of the land.

Now the police have to deploy personnel to Teshie to maintain law and order, so that the peaceful fishing community can go about its duties without let or hindrance.

The deployment of extra security to Teshie will put an additional burden on the public purse, forcing the government to redirect money that must be used to improve the well-being of the people.

We expect the National and Regional Houses of Chiefs to step in to resolve all chieftaincy disputes with the view to ensuring that the right persons accede to stools and skins.

The chieftaincy institution is doing its best to codify customary practices in as far as they relate to the procedures for the installation of chiefs, so that the charlatans will be prevented from fomenting trouble for the institution.

The Daily Graphic calls on the Ga Traditional Council and the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs to restore order in the traditional areas under their jurisdiction to avoid a recurrence of the bloody confrontation for control of the traditional leadership in Teshie.