Where to invest in 2023
Where to invest in 2023

Where to invest in 2023

The Graphic Business, your authoritative business newspaper will in January and February publish a three-part series of special supplement on the best investment portfolios in the financial market for the year 2023.

The publications will appear each week from Tuesday, January 31 through Tuesday, February 7, and Tuesday February 14. Each part will focus on a peculiar financial portfolio of investment products and services.

The publications will tackle the best investment options and provide investment strategies for consideration by investors and which investments yield the needed results.

“The safety of your investments, liquidity of your investments and well as the most usual circumstances of both money and capital markets in the country will be exposed to the public,” Mr Boahene Asamoah, the Editor of the Graphic Business noted.

The first supplement which is on January 31 is expected to focus on fixed income investments with guaranteed coupon rates.

It will also delve into the possible effects of secondary market trading on returns on investments, an instruments which make it easiest to calculate expected yields on in these unusual circumstances.

The February 7 edition supplement will focus on the publicly listed equities and the identified opportunities in privately traded shares. It’s believed that being the most undervalued financial assets currently, these listed equities with imminent increases in values is expected due to current financial markets circumstances.

“The third supplement which is on February 14 will focus on risk driven portfolio investments where yields are not guaranteed but instead depend on market performance and the performance of the fund manager utilized; this guide being designed to guide investors immediately following the completion of the debt exchange programme which will significantly affect the mark to market valuations of the underlying assets in managed fund portfolios,” Mr Boahene told the Graphic Business in an interview.

The supplements dubbed the definitive guide to portfolio investment in Ghana for 2023 is to offer a unique opportunity for both issuers of portfolio investment securities and for fund management to reach a wide captive community of portfolio investors with their marketing messages in the form of a corporate, product or service advert.

The supplements are being prepared by our technical consultants, MC&W, a well experienced company in financial journalism as applied to highly quantitative technical issues.

To participate in this unique 2023 portfolio investment guide please contact:

Toma Imirhe on 0554318489 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Marcashé Carnegie Dzirasa on 0244678024 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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