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Wed, Aug

Seminar to improve businesses through tech held

A participant asking a question at the seminar

A day’s seminar has been held for businessmen and women on how they can take advantage of modern technology to improve their businesses.

Organised by the Multisoft Solutions Limited and the Sage West Africa, the event was also intended to help the business community to invest in new models of business management solutions.

It was organised against the background of challenges business entities were facing in the face of the current trend of unexplored technology.

Importance of Technology

At the event yesterday, the Group Executive, Operations and Technology of Ecobank Group, Mr Eddy Ogbogu, attributed the improved revenue generated by businesses in the country to the use of technology.

According to him, the fourth industrial revolution could help power companies to become major global players, having platforms that depended on mobile phones and making work easier from home and having connectivity at the office.

“I hope strongly that this initiative would help customers or people to adopt this application to help boost their businesses,” Mr Ogbogu said.

He added that Ecobank was one of the home-grown companies which were technologically advanced in its operations to deliver the best for its customers.

He said: “Ecobank has been a leader in terms of application of technologies to business and has taken up the task to help curb the problems in the business fraternity in West Africa.”


Speaking on Sagex3, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Multisoft Solution Limited, Mr Justice Lartey, said Sagex3 helps start-ups, mid-size businesses, adding that it was also designed for the enterprise businesses which had large offices.