Reviewing your business operations (2024 Half-Year)
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Reviewing your business operations (2024 Half-Year)

Ghanaian firms have faced significant challenges in 2024. With the global pandemic currently hurting economies throughout the world, Ghana has experienced its own set of issues, such as a high exchange rate versus the US dollar, high business costs, and rising prices for products and services. 


As the economy evolves and changes, businesses must continuously analyze and assess their operations to remain competitive and profitable.

Reviewing your business processes is an important step towards staying ahead of the competition and adjusting to a changing business climate. 

By assessing your operations, you can uncover inefficiencies, optimize processes, and capitalize on new opportunities that may have arisen during the first half of the year. 

In this post, I will explore practical ways that organizations might evaluate their operations after the 2024 half-year. 

By applying these methods, organizations can set themselves up for success in the second half of the year and beyond.

Conduct a financial audit

One of the first actions in analyzing your business operations in Ghana after the 2024 half-year is to undertake a thorough financial audit. 

This will allow you to examine your present financial situation, identify any areas of concern, and make informed decisions regarding future investments and expenses. 

Pay close attention to your cash flow, expenses, and revenue streams to ensure that your company is running smoothly and successfully. 

Given the high exchange rate against the US dollar, it is critical to monitor your foreign currency transactions and hedge against currency swings to reduce risk. 

Consider engaging with a financial counsellor or accountant to assist you negotiate these obstacles and make informed decisions about your financial plan in the future.

Evaluate your supply chain

The high cost of doing business in Ghana has compelled businesses to streamline processes and save money wherever possible. 

Businesses can make considerable savings in the supply chain. 

Evaluate your current suppliers and try renegotiating contracts or finding new ones at more competitive prices. 

Consider using lean manufacturing approaches to reduce waste and improve efficiency in your production processes. 

By optimizing your supply chain, you can save money, improve quality, and increase market competitiveness.

Review pricing strategies

With rising costs for goods and services in Ghana, businesses must reassess their pricing strategy to remain competitive while preserving profitability. 

Conduct market research to determine consumer preferences and price sensitivity, then alter your pricing accordingly. 

Consider offering specials or discounts to entice clients and increase sales but avoid devaluing your products or services. 

In some situations, it may be necessary to raise prices to offset rising costs; however, make sure to explain these changes to your clients in a clear manner to maintain confidence and loyalty.


Monitor key performance indicators

To properly analyze your business operations in Ghana after the 2024 half year, you must monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to track your development and measure the success of your strategy. 

Identify your company's most significant indicators, such as sales, customer satisfaction, and profitability, then examine and analyze them on a regular basis to make educated decisions. Consider using a dashboard or reporting system to visually represent your KPIs and track your success in real time. 

Monitoring your KPIs allows you to identify areas for improvement, make required modifications, and ensure that your firm is on pace to reach its objectives.

Invest in technology

In the digital age, Ghanaian businesses can tremendously benefit from investing in technology to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and improve customer experience. 


Consider installing a customer relationship management (CRM) system to improve customer interactions and sales or investing in an e-commerce platform to expand into new markets and enhance sales. 

Consider automating repetitive chores and processes to give your employees more time to focus on strategic objectives. 

By embracing technology, organizations can acquire a competitive advantage and position themselves for long-term success.


As we approach the halfway point of 2024, firms in Ghana face a tough business landscape marked by a high exchange rate versus the US dollar, a high cost of doing business, and rising pricing for products and services. 


To prosper in this environment, businesses must examine their operations and make strategic decisions to respond to changing market conditions.

Dr Andrews Ayiku, Lecturer/SME Industry Coach, Coordinator (MBA Impact Entrepreneurship and Innovation) University of Professional Studies Accra, [email protected]
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