Prestige's commercial space draws top brands

Prestige's commercial space draws top brands

Investing in commercial spaces off-plan is a strategic move offering many benefits for potential buyers and for property developers. 


This concept becomes even more enticing when considering the allure of high-end mixed-use residential properties located near a major airport such as Accra’s Kotoka International Airport. 

Such developments present a unique opportunity for investors looking to capitalize on the burgeoning demand for luxury living combined with exclusive shopping experiences. 

There are enormous advantages to purchasing off-plan commercial spaces within upscale properties such as Prestige, particularly in attracting high-end designer brands as commercial tenants.

One of the primary reasons why individuals should consider investing in commercial spaces off-plan is the substantial return on investment. 

By purchasing a commercial unit before its completion, buyers often secure a lower price compared to the market value post-development.

This initial investment allows investors to benefit from the property's appreciation over time, resulting in increased capital growth. 

Furthermore, commercial entities, especially high-end designer brands, are willing to pay a premium to secure prime retail space in prestigious locations. 

As such, leasing out these spaces to renowned tenants can significantly enhance rental yields and overall profitability.

Additionally, for world-class brands purchasing off-plan commercial spaces offers them a certain level of flexibility and customization. 

Renowned brands who purchase commercial space within Prestige, being developed by i2 Development in the enclave of the Kotoka International Airport, have the opportunity to tailor the design and layout of the commercial unit to suit their specific needs and preferences. 

This level of customization can be particularly appealing to high-end designer brands that prioritize creating unique and immersive retail experiences for their customers when they take up part of the available four well-designed floors, offering a total commercial gross area of over 20,000 square meters. 

By providing commercial spaces that are specifically curated to meet the demands of luxury retailers, Prestige by i2 Development, has attracted premium tenants that add value to the overall property portfolio.

Picture living at your bespoke apartment within Prestige and just a few floors below, you have all the world-renowned authentic fashion brands such as Christian Louboutin, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Ferragamo, Guiseppe Zanotti and many more, stocked by Savile Row, one of Ghana’s finest authentic brand’s shops. 

The fashion retailer has become one of the first to acquire a commercial space at Prestige.

CEO of Savile Row, Nana Sarfo, indicates that the decision to acquire a commercial space within the Prestige is to enable the fashion house to be closer to its core customers and to serve residents of Prestige in a congenial and spacious showroom. 

The synergy between commercial and residential spaces creates a vibrant and dynamic community that fosters a luxurious lifestyle. 

Residents living in these exclusive properties have convenient access to premium retail outlets, luxury boutiques, and upscale dining establishments, enhancing their overall living experience. 

Furthermore, the symbiotic relationship between commercial tenants and residential occupants within mixed-use properties generates a sense of cohesion and synergy. 

Retail establishments that cater to luxury clientele benefit from having a captive audience of affluent residents who appreciate convenience and premium offerings.


Conversely, residents enjoy the convenience of having world-class amenities and services at their doorstep, creating a seamless and integrated living environment.

Youssef Aitour, Co-founder and Managing Director of i2 Development, says the presence of high-end designer brands within the development adds a sense of exclusivity and prestige, further elevating the property's desirability and value.

Investing in off-plan commercial spaces within high-end mixed-use residential properties near major airports in Africa presents a lucrative opportunity for savvy investors seeking to capitalize.
The Prestige Project

The Prestige project’s exclusive location, in the enclave of Kotoka International Airport, 1 minute walking distance from Terminal 3 means all the best Accra has to offer leisure and business travellers are all a minute away. 


From famed shopping Malls, restaurants, nightclubs, offices of major international companies operating in Ghana, and of course, the Kotoka International Airport are all within reach—in 60 seconds.  

With impeccable attention to detail, the project is expected to cater to the ultimate luxury living whether one opts for a studio, one or two-bedroom, or a penthouse.

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