Chief of Wireless Solutions - Huawei, Mr. Cao Ming Addressing the international Media
Chief of Wireless Solutions - Huawei, Mr. Cao Ming Addressing the international Media @ MBBF2023 in Dubai

Huawei is committed to deploying solutions that fit every economic scenario.

5.5G, currently also referred to as 5G-Advanced, is the next evolution of 5G mobile networks. According to industry experts at MBBF2023 in Dubai. Tests on early versions have shown speeds 10 times faster than 5G, low latency, strong uplink and downlink connections, support for harmonized communication and sensing and ability to support millions of connected devices at faster speeds.


These new features experts say opens new possibilities in the world of connectivity that will transform Connecting industries, Passive-IoT, Connecting Vehicles and Connecting things to usher humanity into the intelligent connected future.

But while 5G is being rapidly deployed around the world, Africa is falling behind with just a dozen countries launching 5G networks. According to GSMA data only Botswana, Kenya, Mauritius, Madagascar, Nigeria, Seychelles, South Africa, Tanzania, Togo, Zimbabwe, and Zambia out of the 54 countries have deployed 5G in select areas with the rest still on mix of 2G, 3G and 4G as at 2023.

With digitalization drive happening in Ghana and other African countries and the 5G success stories presented at this year’s MBBF coupled with new opportunities and benefits unveiled by 5G and its early-stage next evolution 5G-Advanced, 5G may just be the missing element to tie everything together and to propel economies unto new frontiers if adopted early. Why then, is Ghana not in the list of first African countries deploying 5G? 

The chief of Wireless Solutions for Huawei, Mr. Cao Ming, while engaging with the media, at the MBBF 2023  event, shared that, he understands the African Telecoms Market due to his previous role on the continent and continued to explain that “a country's adoption and transition to higher and advanced technology is dependent on several factors such as economic development stage, service needs, as well as the maturity of the device ecosystem”, among other factors.

Citing South Africa as an example, he explained; that 5G networks have been deployed in Johannesburg and Cape Town, while rural areas are still on 2G or 3G networks mainly because of the unique circumstances of the locations.

Huawei’s Commitment

The Wireless Solution Chief of Huawei, Mr. Cao Ming, however, was quick to add that Huawei as a company is dedicated and committed to building and developing technology solutions that meet every type of economy.

"Huawei recognizes that different countries are at different phases of industry development and Huawei as a solution provider is committed and dedicated to providing diverse solutions for different scenarios and markets at different phases" Mr Ming continued. 

On addressing the issue of cost barrier, he added; “Our fundamental principles of innovating products and solutions is also to protect long term investments of Telcos" and further stated Huawei is in constant talks with ecosystem partners to ensure future 5.5G offerings will be backward compatible with 5G technology just as 4G investments can support 5G connectivity.

About MBBF2023

The Global Mobile Broadband Forum - MBBF2023 hosted by Huawei in collaboration with GSMA, GTI, and the SAMENA Telecommunications Council is an annual event which brings together key stakeholders and ICT industry leaders across the globe to discuss the development direction of the s communications industry and the infinite possibilities of mobile connectivity.

This year's MBBF2023 at the JAFZA Convention Center in Dubai had focused group discussions, 5G indoor round table, Huawei CTO roundtable and  various exhibition booths showcasing and demonstrating the new exciting features 5G enables such as, Self-Guided Vehicles, Glasses-Free 3D, Generalized Cellular IoT and Guaranteed Intelligent Computing Everywhere for the future.

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