Forum on business strategy for October 7

BY: Business Desk Report
Mr Jeff Bassey (left) and Mr Patrick Otieku-Boadu (right) facilitators of the forum.

A forum to help businesses and individuals to explore opportunities in the marketplace is scheduled to take place at the plush Accra City Hotel, between October 7 and 8 this year.

The Business Strategy Forum is expected to focus on four thematic areas which include leadership, people management, sales strategy and culture.

An initiative of Role Model Africa, the forum will attract stakeholders from various parts of the country and beyond, connecting virtually and in-person.

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Road map

The Role Model Africa in a statement issued in Accra, indicated that the forum has been well structured to grant individuals and organisations a clear road map to navigate the volatile marketplace.

As a way to ensure that participating managers, supervisors and middle-level staff gain hands-on experience through the forum, sessions have been designed with engaging and practical content that increases the learning and absorption rate in a social media-driven era where attention is a rare commodity.

The leadership module guarantees that critical gate-keepers are well equipped to champion the all-important cause of a result-driven team while ensuring job satisfaction can be a hallmark to churn multiple success especially within this period of uncertainty.

This session provides that instructive edge that makes every member of the organisation take on the full responsibility of leading the business to achieve its set goals.

“The ability to command a room with your words and get your audience to be attentive or star-struck by your enchanting words is a priceless skill that every corporate leader requires,” the statement said.

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Leader’s need

In most instances, however, a leader’s greatest need is not to speak to the management or the board of an organisation, but to relate effectively with the team.

People management skills are one of the top skills global leaders place much emphasis on.

“You will appreciate priceless skills to manage teams remotely to achieve the needed results.

“At almost every point in time, an organization has very limited resources which have to be optimised to produce the greatest results. Your company is no exception.

“Well-thought-out approaches that yield maximum growth will require you to map out and coordinate other factors across the business.

“This is the very essence of the sales strategy session. Whether you are selling via digital channels or in-person, this module affords you a documented approach for prospecting and attracting high-paying clients.”

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High-performing companies

The forum considers the role of all stakeholders charged to drive the organisation to its peak. Every organisation is keen on how well its team carries its vision and goals.

High-performing companies place a high premium on the roles of quality and distinction in their business processes.

This module raises the bar for the business team and introduces permanent traits of greatness that produce mind-blowing results of unmatched standards.

The Business Strategy Forum is an initiative of Role Model Africa. Over the years, the organisation has built an admirable track record of gathering a critical mass of business leaders and entrepreneurs through various platforms for personal and organisational growth.