About African SME Summit

BY: Graphic Business
FLASHBACK: Some delegates networking at the previous summit.

The African SME (ASME) Organisation is a Non-governmental entity specialising in providing SME’s across the continent of Africa with scalable tools for their businesses and also creating platforms for businesses across the globe to network, share ideas and mentor each other.

With Africans estimated to be a quarter of the world’s population by 2050 and the youngest continent of more than 70 per cent of its population less than 25 years, the key question is, will Africa be ready economically to take up its challenges.

It is this single issue, which brought about the birth of the African SME. Africa has consistently lost the fight for economic emancipation, mainly due to the conversations it decides to have. Instead of politics and corruption, can we change the subject to wealth creation and innovative ideas? Can we dream of a splendid Africa in 2050?
2015 Summit — Dreaming African.

Last year’s summit was a huge success on the theme Small Companies, Big Impact. We had more than 350 delegates and speakers from 10 different countries over a three day period. These were business owners in the SME space, innovators and high-end corporate institutions.

This year, the theme for the summit is “Dreaming Africa”. It speaks directly to the pertinent issues of motivation, pride, growth, innovation and the building of viable business which your brand is noted for. The ASMES seeks to among other things change the perception business owners have about running their businesses, build on business-business mentorship, promote good corporate governance and promote the building of sustainable businesses.

Dreaming Africa speaks to the crucial issue of building sustainable and business giants in Ghana and on the African Continent. It is argued that over 80 – 90 per cent of Africa’s indigenous businesses will not pass on to the 2nd generation. The Key issues of management, corporate governance, motivations of the business owner, ethics and forecast are challenges the SME owner faces on a daily basis.