Poor preparation may affect Bombers’ medal prospects -- Alhaji Tofik

BY: Kwame Larweh
Alhaji Muritella Tofik
Alhaji Muritella Tofik

An executive member of the Ghana Boxing Authority Alhaji Muritella Tofik says the Black Bombers must depend on their intellect, skills and determination to get a medal in the wake of their poor preparations towards the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

He contended that the lack of camping would adversely affect the performance of the nine-member team going to the games, adding that serious preparations were everything for such a big event.

“Things are not going on well with the Black Bombers. They must be in camp by now, but it’s sad they are not camping, it will affect their preparations,” he stated.

Alhaji Tofik, who once trained some past members of the Black Bombers, added that the current outlook of the Black Bombers was different from what the Black Bombers of old used to be.

“Formerly the Black Bombers comprised such talents that you would know who would win what or which medal but it is not so anymore and their case has been made worse by successive administrations who have paid lip service to it,” he stated.

He noted that the Bombers, handled by experienced trainer, Kwasi Ofori Asare, have some good talents but with bad preparations they might be found wanting in Birmingham.

“Boxing is a unique sport and it needs a lot of resources to thrive. We must see to it that these boxers have enough training and are well-prepared,” he stated.

Alhaji Tofik advocated immediate camping of the Bombers team and a good reparations to forestall any disappointment in Birmingham.