Some of the athletes preparing on the deplorable tracks at El-Wak stadium
Some of the athletes preparing on the deplorable tracks at El-Wak stadium

Para-athletes prepare for Europe amidst facility challenges

Ghana's para-athletics team is intensifying preparations for their final mandatory event in Europe, with athletes seen training at various locations across the country.


The training sessions are crucial as the team braces for serious camping set to commence on June 1 in Accra.

Athletes were spotted at the El-Wak Stadium in Accra going through their paces and honing their skills. Unfortunately, they faced significant challenges due to the stadium's deplorable conditions. 

The tartan tracks have nearly peeled off, and many areas were deemed unfit for training, posing a danger to the athletes' health. Similarly, those utilising the gym facilities had to contend with outdated equipment, which was far from ideal for national team athletes preparing for an international competition.

In contrast, athletes training at the Cape Coast Stadium experienced better conditions. The tracks there were in much better shape, providing a safer and more conducive environment for their preparations. 

This disparity highlights the ongoing issues with sports infrastructure in the country and the urgent need for improvement to support the athletes adequately.

The preparatory activities are happening simultaneously in Accra, Cape Coast and Kumasi. Athletes are rigorously training in various track and field events that they will compete in during their European campaign. Despite the challenges, the team remains focused and determined to excel.

The upcoming camping period in Accra will be a crucial phase in their preparation, allowing the athletes to consolidate their training and fine-tune their performance before heading to Europe. 

The team's participation in the European event is not only essential for their competitive development but also a stepping stone towards future international successes.

As Ghana's para athletes continue their preparations, there is a pressing need for better support and improved facilities to ensure they can compete on an equal footing with their international counterparts. 

The dedication and resilience of these athletes, despite the challenges, are commendable and warrant greater investment in sports infrastructure to bolster their efforts and potential for success on the global stage.

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