Psycho-football coaching

BY: Frederick Yaw Oduro

This is football coaching whose success is driven by football psychology.

It is clear that players in a team must have certain skills and abilities if that team is to succeed. The goal of the football coach is to take the players through such activities that will make the players able to manifest these skills and talents on the field of play.

Football psychology says that a player’s state of mind affects his productivity on match days as well as at training. If a coach understands this clearly, then the first place of work for his team is the players’ minds. Every football coach who understands this revelation as clearly as the Ghana Armed Forces Training School at Shai Hills will succeed not only to the highest level of football coaching in Ghana but also worldwide. Psycho-football coaching is a more excellent way of coaching success.

The psycho-football coaching is founded on these sequences of activities:

Every footballer who wants to achieve international professional quality must have the following qualities:

1. Good football Technique.

Good football technique consists of such abilities as good ball control, good dribbling skills, good passing accuracy, good body control. In psycho-football coaching, these qualities will be deliberately packed into the players mind. As the players self-talk these abilities into their minds, they take up such awesome capabilities that success drives a football coach’s performance.

The self talking words:

i. I have excellent ball control.

ii. I have excellent dribbling skills

iii. I have excellent passing accuracy

iv. I have excellent body control

2. A player must have good game intelligence.

To have good game intelligence, a player must have intelligence in spatial awareness, tactical knowledge and risk assessment. By psycho-football coaching, the coach will spend time to first programme these qualities into the players’ mind by making them self-talk these qualities into their life.

i. I have excellent game intelligence

ii. I have excellent spatial awareness

iii. I have excellent technical football knowledge.

iv. I have excellent risk assessment ability

What you sow is what you reap.

This is how psycho-football coaching transforms these words into spirit and flesh in the players. Is there anyone who doubts the viability of such a football coaching idea, method, strategy and technique?

I profess that by psycho-football coaching, Ghana can produce great football success coaches who will be globally acclaimed.

3. A player must have good physical fitness.

Good physical fitness is first of all good mind fitness. In good physical fitness, a player must have endurance, balance, co-ordination, speed, strength and power. In psycho-football coaching, the coach will make the players spend good time and deliberately self-talk these qualities into their minds.

i. I have excellent football endurance.

ii. I have excellent balance intelligence.

iii. I have excellent football co-ordination

iv. I have excellent speed drive

v. I have excellent great strength

vi. I have excellent awesome power.

4. A player must have a proper mindset.

Having a proper mind set means the player must have compassion, composure, mental strength and coach-ability.

In psycho-football coaching, the first thing is for the coach to spend time to make the players self -talk these into their minds.

i. I have excellent football compassion.

ii. I have excellent football composure

iii. I have excellent mental strength

iv. I have excellent coaching ability

This is how a coach can visibly and rigorously transform the fortunes of any team to manifest such finesse in football artistry worth its weight in gold.

It is only when this THINKING activity is done that great success in training and thriving is achieved.

By psycho-football coaching, the coach can harvest world acclaimed displayed football artistry and distil them into the minds of his team to transform them into world conquerors.

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