FEATURE: What I learned from Dorgbetor-Tetteh fight

BY: Bernard Neequaye

IT was a spectacle to watch last Saturday night when undefeated Holy Dorgbetor mounted the ring against Success Tetteh in a co-main feature of the ACE Power Promotions card.

In a thrilling encounter, the duo sold out a masterclass which ended up overshadowing the main event of the night in which Robert ‘Stopper’ Quaye earned a first round stoppage win over Nathaniel Nukpe.

Dorgbetor came into the ring as the huge favourite and proved himself as one of Ghana’s boxing prospects after annexing the national and UBO featherweight titles via a unanimous decision victory.

The 24-year-old Voltarian was well composed on the night and dealt with his opponent’s power shots which could have troubled any other boxer.

Tetteh had promised to school Dorgbetor in the ring during their build-up to the fight but from what I saw, he was rather taught a bitter boxing lesson by his younger colleague.

“He kept saying that he would teach me a boxing lesson but I schooled him tonight and everyone saw it,” Dorgbetor said after an emphatic win.

“I told him that teachers usually make mistakes for their students to correct them and that was what happened tonight. It is a massive win for me to win these two titles,” he said.

Despite the big win, I observed some flaws in both fighter’s performance which must be worked on going forward and I want to bring it to their notice.

Power shots

While Tetteh was chasing a knockout win with his power shots, Dorgbetor struggled to finish off his opponent despite dominating him in all the rounds.

His punching power gave Tetteh some hope to continue attacking despite being at the receiving end. Dorgbetor had so many opportunities to stop his opponent but with his feeble punches, Tetteh kept coming at him.

It was one of the moments when a boxer knows getting caught by his opponent could not trouble him and Dorgbetor ‘s corner must work on that in subsequent fights.

However, Tetteh failed to utilise his power throughout the bout despite landing some decent shots but most of his punches were inaccurate.

For a championship fight, you always get punished against a well-composed opponent in Dorgbetor who troubled Tetteh with his boxing skills.

I believe Tetteh must add some skill to his craft going forward if he wants to make any significant impact on the sport because chasing one shot against good opponents would always make him struggle.

Jabs thrown

Dorgbetor won over my heart throughout the 12 rounds with accurate jabs which kept landing and confusing Tetteh. It was one tool which turned the fight in the Voltarian’s favour and made up for his lack of power.

It was obvious Tetteh couldn’t find an antidote to Dorgbetor’s effective jabs and constantly struggled to deal with it whenever he attempts to attack.

That was a weapon Tetteh lacked throughout the fight. Aside from not being able to get accurate powerful shots, Tetteh had a limited number of jabs and it was evident he was just in search of a big shot to win.

That did not help him and I believe that it is an area his corner must look at improving because you need it to usually keep your opponent at bay sometimes.

Failure to solve that would continue to disturb him against skilful opponents just as Dorgbetor did tonight. Boxing is an art and science that goes beyond just landing powerful shots and the early a fighter learns that the better for him.

Despite the flaws that came with the bout, I have to praise them for a good show, which to me, was the best bout of the night.