FEATURE: Meet Emmanuel Mawuli, a young fighter chasing a double boxing dream

BY: Bernard Neequaye

During one of my usual visits to the Charles Quartey Boxing Club at Timber Market in Accra in 2019, my eyes caught a young boy training some fighters in the gym.

I was at the gym that day to watch a sparring session between former IBF lightweight world champion Richard Commey and Sheriff Quaye. My concentration on that session nearly deprived me of the good work of Mawuli at the gym.

Mawuli, a flyweight amateur boxer, was training a senior colleague on pad work. What caught my attention was the seriousness and zeal he attached to his work.

At a point, I stopped watching the former champion’s sparring session to enjoy a then 16-year-old’s marvelous training talent. His efficiency convinced me to know more about him.

Two years after that meeting, Mawuli is 18 years and is enjoying the hard work of the fistic sport.

“It has been nine years since I decided to take up boxing,” Mawuli told the Graphic Sports. “I got to meet coach Charles Quartey through my father who used to work for the trainer.

“I always have to come to the gym whenever I want to meet my father and that was where Charles Quartey decided to teach me boxing,” he said.


Mawuli was nine years when he first wore a glove to box. He has never turned back and is enjoying the intensity of training as a boxer and coaching others.

“I really love boxing and that is what I want to do after my education. My focus is to become a professional boxer after my SHS education.

“Not everyone becomes successful as a boxer so I am learning to be a trainer as well so I can focus on helping others when my career comes to an end,” he said.

The youngster is a final-year student at the Ashia Mills Junior High School at Timber Market in Accra and combines education with his passion on a daily basis.

Mawuli trains under Charles Quartey after school whom he described as the man behind his passion for the sport. He continues to harbour love for being a trainer and credits his coach for making it possible.

“I continue to have so many people telling me to quit being a boxer to concentrate on being a trainer but I want to do both.

“Most of the boxers turn to me for training whenever the coaches are not in the gym and I love the fact that they have faith in my capabilities,” Mawuli told Graphic Sports.

But before thinking of coaching, Mawuli dreams of making a name for himself as a boxer by winning titles and becoming a world champion.

He dreams of featuring for the national amateur team Black Bombers at international competitions before entering the professional ranks.


Even before he turns professional, Mawuli idolises former IBF welterweight titlist Joshua Clottey and legendary Filipino pugilist Manny Pacquaio.

“I dream of being a world champion and that can only be achieved through hard work. I continue to idolise Joshua Clottey whom I want to emulate when I become a professional.

“I have been watching a lot of Manny Pacquaio fights because I want to learn a lot from him. I am not a southpaw like him but I believe I can learn his tricks in the ring and that is my focus,” Mawuli said.

It is just a matter of time for Mawuli to reach his potential but trainer Quartey believes the future is bright for the youngster.

“He has an extraordinary talent in boxing and I am ready to exploit that to the fullest. As you know, Mawuli trains boxers at his age and that is good for his progress.

“I believe he just has to keep his head up high to achieve whatever he wants from the sport,” Quartey told Graphic Sports.