FEATURE: Is Lomachenko’s fight right for Commey’s career?

BY: Maurice Quansah

Richard Commey’s dream of becoming a two-time world champion could be tested on December 11 when he challenges Vasyl Lomachenko at the Madison Square Garden in New York.

It is a bout that has the potential of stalling Commey’s world title bid should he lose but could also elevate him to stardom if he earns an emphatic victory.

I am glad to know that Commey would be fighting one of the division’s greats but my only fear is that the odds might not favour him.

It is a dangerous fight for the Ghanaian whom I believe must work hard to stop Lomachenko in order to stand a chance of winning against the fast and sleek Ukrainian.

Commey is a fantastic hard-hitting fighter who has the ability to trouble any opponent in the ring but must be technical to get the better of an experienced boxer in Lomachenko.

Both fighters remain notable in the lightweight division despite not holding titles and their clash could help bring out the best between them.

Right call?

One of the concerns raised after the bout was confirmed is whether the timing was right for Commey to fight Lomachenko.

It could be a genuine concern but I don’t see anything wrong with Commey and his team taking up such a great fight if it makes financial sense.

I agree there were other options available for him such as challenging Devin Haney for the WBC lightweight world championship but having the opportunity to share the ring with a fighter like Lomachenko should not be overlooked by any boxer if the pay check is good.

I don’t also believe Commey would be a walkover for the Ukrainian because he is simply not just any boxer.

The odds might favour Lomachenko but that does not mean Commey cannot win. Both Commey and Lomachenko lost their world champion status by fighting Teofimo Lopez so coming together to slug it out in a revival bout is worth it.

In my view, fighting Lomachenko at this stage of Commey’s career is the best decision, especially when they are all coming back from great wins after their defeats to Lopez.

What to expect

Commey’s headache will be to deal with Lomachenko’s speed and skills because that is the Ukrainian’s weapons in the ring.

With his power, Lomachenko will be cautious whenever he chooses to attack but Commey must ensure he gets his punches right to be able to trouble him.

My biggest worry is Commey’s porous defending sometimes, which will definitely go against him in a fighter like Lomachenko.

Giving a fighter such as Lomachenko, the chance to land clean punches is like giving up the win because it will make it easy for him to dominate the bout.

Against Lopez, Commey made a single mistake by dropping his guard when attacking and that ended the fight in his opponent’s favour and that must not be repeated.

You cannot afford to make such a mistake against great fighters such as Lomachenko and get away with it.

Every defeat is a learning process and I believe Commey has learnt a lot from that painful defeat to Lopez and would put up a masterclass against Lomachenko come December.