I'm not ready for marriage - GMB’s Emefa Adeti

By: Antoanette Sedinam Akoto-Tenu
GMB's Emefa says she is not ready for marriage
Emefa Adeti
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WHILE some young ladies prioritise marriage above other things including their careers, the opposite is the case for Ghana’s Most Beautiful's Emefa Adeti who says she is not ready for a relationship and is focused on her career.

Emefa, who won Ghana’s Most Beautiful (GMB) in 2012 told Graphic Showbiz recently that she is currently concentrating on making money rather than settling down.

“I am not really ready for a relationship. I will certainly get married but I feel this is a stage of life where you really don’t know whether to settle or not, for now I am chasing the paper," she said.

Away from marriage, Emefa also shared her views on beauty pageants and the negative perceptions around them saying although a pageant helped her, it wasn't the only means by which young ladies could better their lives.

GMB has made me a better person. Every young girl who genuinely wants to be part of beauty pageants should be limitless.

"Those who are easily taken advantage of are those who some organisers know are not good enough yet want to be there. So, search yourself before going into it because it is not only beauty pageants that can make you a better person,” she said.

Emefa also encouraged beauty queens and even contestants to give back to society. “I am all for the positive. No organisation will put money in your pocket. You are given the platform, use it, make money and help society too.

“When you are in the pageant, you appeal for votes with all your might but when it’s time to give back to society you are worried. There is nothing wrong with working on yourself, just be a better person and give back to society,” she said.

While people may think the responsibilities that come with annexing a crown from a beauty pageant are easy, Emefa said it wasn’t and the queen needed to work hard.

“The organisation is just to elevate a person but what one does with the elevation depends on them. It is like when you are hired as a cleaner, you work yourself to the top as the CEO. People went on similar platforms and came out a better version of themselves,” she stated.

Emefa Adeti is currently an ambassador for Persons with Albinism in Ghana, host of Ongalicious Ghana Cooks and CEO of Hairs A’La Mode.

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