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Stop bastardising the truth - Rawlings to 'babies with sharp teeth'

BY: Zadok K. Gyesi
Jerry John Rawlings
Jerry John Rawlings

Former President Jerry John Rawlings says he is not yet done with the so-called “babies with sharp teeth” in the country who are only interested in bastardising the truth.

According to him, he has been misrepresented by the younger generation, those he described as ‘babies with sharp teeth’ as someone who hates to see young people in leadership positions.

“I am 70 and I am not the one who is bastardising the youth”, he said, explaining that if the younger generation (the one’s with the sharp teeth) had not attempted to bastardise the truth, then probably there wouldn’t have been the need for him to render an apology in his latest criticisms of former Presidents Kuffour and Mahama.

The former president, who was reacting to a question during the Second Revolutionary Lecture Series held at the National Theatre on Thursday said he has no interest in bastardising the so-called “babies with sharp teeth” but that such individuals hate the truth.

He explained that he has not bastardised anyone in leadership position because the person is young but that he only criticizes people who hate to abide by the principles of truth, transparency and accountability.

He said the ‘babies with sharp teeth’ had ignored such values and principles and instead have decided to amass wealth for themselves, thereby creating hardship for the poor masses in the country.

He said so far as the ‘babies with sharp teeth’ would continue to indulge in corrupt deeds which are contrary to the principles and ideals of probity, transparency and accountability, he would continue to engage them.

“It is not over yet”, Mr Rawlings warned, adding that “I have so much on my chest; you misrepresent me and bastardise the truth”.

He, however, promised that he would make a lot of revelation during the forthcoming commemoration of the June 4 revolution, slated to be held at Madina in Accra.

Revolutionary Lecture Series

The second Revolutionary Lecture Series was on the theme: “Revolutionary economic trends, Ghana in focus: past, present and future”.

The Revolutionary Lecture Series is borne out of the experiences and philosophy of former President Rawlings and the revolutionary transition Ghana went through.

The lecture series draws revolutionary ideas and experiences from politics, trade and industry, academia, gender, foreign and the global environment with the hope to create consciousness that will transform and shape the national psyche, attitudes and behaviours.

The lecture series is aimed at producing knowledgeable, modest and truthful leaders in every aspect of national governance.