Quick poll verdict on Martin Amidu as he readies for vetting

Author: Graphic.com.gh
Martin ABK Amidu
Martin ABK Amidu

Come February 13, 2018, President Akufo-Addo will learn if he made the right choice in nominating non-conformist Martin ABK Amidu for appointment as Special Prosecutor.

The day is when the Appointments Committee of Parliament vets his candidature for the new office to prosecute the national call to fight corruption.

A quick poll ran by Graphic Online since he was announced as the nominee, has him garner as much as 59 percent approval as the right choice for the post. The remaining 41 percent however think he is not the right man for the job.

The poll asked the question: Do you believe Martin Amidu is the right choice for Special Prosecutor?

The story of Martin Amidu’s rating per the poll was different in the euphoria immediately following his nomination. Nearly 90 percent of voters approved of him then. It is unclear what has intervened in later days, however it points to Mr. Amidu sailing through comfortably.

Meanwhile the Appointments Committee is inviting memoranda from the public on Mr Amidu up to February 6, 2018, to aid in his vetting.