PNC to hold NEC meeting in Kumasi - Chairman urges members to disregard notice

BY: Political Desk Report
Mr Moses Dani Baah — PNC Chairman
Mr Moses Dani Baah — PNC Chairman

The People’s National Convention (PNC) is expected to meet tomorrow, September 7, 2021, to hold a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting to discuss a petition brought before it by some of its members to impeach the party’s leader, Mr David Apasera, and chairman, Mr Moses Dani Baah.

In a petition filed by the General Secretary of the party, Ms Janet Nabila; PNC’s Youth Organiser for Ashanti Region, Muniru Seidu Mohammed, and the party’s Communications Director for North East, Mamuna Yidana, they accused Mr Apasera and Mr Dani Baah of financial malfeasance and misconduct and also unlawfully suspending the General Secretary of the party, Janet Nabila.


But the party’s chairman,  Mr Dani Baah, has urged members of the party to disregard any notice of a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting in Kumasi on Tuesday, September 7, 2021.

In a statement, he said the PNC constitution stipulated in clear unambiguous terms under Article 45 how NEC meetings could be convened, with all the circumstances spelt out.

“About a week ago, on Saturday, August 28, 2021 the party held a NEC meeting in Accra at the GNAT Hall and discussed crucial issues of concern to the growth of the party, including a unanimous decision to suspend the General Secretary who has persistently sought to destabilise the party front from the headquarters down to the constituencies. Since then, there has not been any urgent need for us to call another NEC meeting with such close proximity,” Mr Dani Baah noted.

“It is no more in doubt that there has been some turbulence in the party lately but I assure you that the leadership shall navigate the party out from troubled waters to safe lands. If there is any need for a NEC meeting, I shall not hesitate to convene one as soon as possible,” the PNC National Chairman emphasised.


The leadership of the PNC and  the General Secretary of the party, Ms Janet Nabla, have been embroiled in fierce disagreement following an announcement by the party last Saturday that Ms Nabla had been suspended for "gross misconduct, incompetence, and insubordination."

The party said the decision was taken after an emergency National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting held at the GNAT Hall on Saturday, August 28, 2021.

Speaking to the issues last Friday, the Chairman of the Council of Elders of the PNC, Colonel (retd) Luri Bayorbor, called on the feuding factions in the party to stop the media war and “take it cool.”

Col Bayorbor said there were due processes to be followed in the party and if one felt unjustifiably treated or had a problem with the leadership, the Council of Elders existed to play a mediating role to resolve any problem within the party.