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Sun, Oct

Obed Asamoah wades into NDC troubles

Dr Obed Yao Asamoah - A former National Chairman of NDC

A former National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr Obed Yao Asamoah, has waded into the war of words currently going on in the party by congratulating Dr Valerie Sawyerr on her ‘attack’ on former President J. J. Rawlings.

Dr Sawyerr, a former Deputy Chief of Staff in the Mahama administration, in a series of social media posts, expressed outrage at the former President for his constant criticisms of the NDC.

Also receiving a greater share of Dr Sawyerr’s “venom” was a former Attorney-General (A-G), Mr Martin Amidu.

The comment by Dr Sawyerr seems to have earned the admiration of Dr Asamoah, who has hailed her for speaking her mind.

In an interview with Accra-based radio station JOY FM, the former National Chairman, was full of praise for Dr Sawyerr’s criticisms.

“In fact, I congratulated her, I sent her a text message congratulating her on speaking her mind. I think it is very good for the party and good for the country. People should speak their minds and they shouldn’t be intimidated or terrorised by anybody. She has spoken her mind and she is entitled to do so,’’ he said.

When asked if the criticism by Dr Sawyerr of the former President was not an insult, Dr Asamoah said despite the sarcastic nature of the comments, they were not misplaced comments.

“The point she is making is that he (Rawlings) falls out with everybody including people he had worked closely with. That is what she is criticising and I think she has a point,’’ he said.


Dr Asamoah also stated that former President Rawlings had a knack for “attacking’’ people he could not control, a clear example, he said, was former President John Evans Atta Mills.

“It was quite obvious to me that he wanted Professor Mills because he thought he could control him but when Mills got the leadership and won power, he played an independent role which did not please former President Rawlings. That is why he started attacking him,’’ he said.


In the said comments, which have been trending on social media platforms and mainstream media, Dr Sawyerr said former President Rawlings was “still flogging a dead horse” even though the party was now in opposition and added that he was so obsessed with the NDC that he was prepared to destroy anyone and anything in the party, if that would suit his agenda to be in the driving seat.

Regarding the former A-G, Dr Sawyerr said his “pomposity” would eventually “destroy” him.

Dr Sawyerr said just like he had advised Mr Amidu in the past, his “over-bloated ego and sense of self-importance” would be his “Achilles heels.”

“… And what is Comrade Martin Amidu also babbling about? Martin, did I not tell you that your pomposity, over-bloated ego and sense of self-importance constitute your Achilles heel? Remember, when I told you (years ago), after a presidential press conference, that a directive had been issued that no appointee should grant a press interview in order to avoid any contradictory statements on air … and you screeched … ‘who are you … small girl like you … where were you when I was Attorney-General’ etc. etc.? Remember I told you that it is your Achilles heel that would destroy you?

“Barely a week or so after that, you were relieved of your post as Attorney-General after attempting to assault a sitting Head of State? Since then, you have become a so-called crusader, sinking lower and lower in the NDC as you seem to rise higher and higher in the NPP. I am not a soothsayer, neither am I a harbinger of gloom and doom … but once again I say to you … this time, with a nation full of witnesses … that your Achilles’ heels will destroy you!,” she said.