Salam Mustapha, the National Youth Organiser of the New Patriotic Party
Salam Mustapha, the National Youth Organiser of the New Patriotic Party

NPP Youth Organiser accuses John Mahama of undermining judicial independence

In a recent statement, Salam Mustapha, the National Youth Organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has expressed concern over what he perceives as attempts by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and former President John Mahama to undermine the credibility of state institutions, particularly the judiciary.

Mr. Mustapha began by lamenting what he called the NDC's habit of levelling baseless allegations against institutions such as the Electoral Commission. He criticized what he sees as unreasonable claims against court rulings, suggesting that such actions harm the integrity of these vital institutions.

The NPP youth leader pointed to a recent incident where John Mahama criticised the Judiciary during a meeting with NDC lawyers, claiming that 80 percent of Judges had been appointed because of their affiliation with the NPP. Mr. Mustapha questioned the motive behind these allegations and accused Mahama of hypocrisy.

Mr. Mustapha argued that if the NDC and Mr. Mahama were genuinely concerned about judicial appointments, they should explain why former NDC members of parliament have been appointed as Judges. He questioned why Mr. Mahama appeared to confer special rights on those affiliated with the NDC.

The NPP Youth Organiser also challenged Mahama to provide evidence that the appointed judges were not qualified for their positions, arguing that it was unfair to suggest that NPP-affiliated Judges were incompetent.

Mr. Mustapha emphasized that these judges were also Ghanaian citizens with the necessary qualifications to hold their positions.

In conclusion, Mr. Mustapha accused the NDC of organized hypocrisy driven by desperation for power, which, in his view, has led them to make unsubstantiated claims that undermine public institutions. He expressed surprise at John Mahama's leadership in these efforts, considering his extensive political career and positions of influence in the country.

Mr. Mustapha ended by pondering how Mr. Mahama would interact with these institutions if he were to become President again, given his current stance on them. He raised concerns about the potential impact on the country's democratic institutions.

Read the entire statement below;


It is heart-wrenching to see the NDC and John Mahama continue to bastardize state institutions. If it is not a baseless allegation against the Electoral Commission, it is an unreasoned claim against the ruling of the courts.

The leader in charge of this deliberate smear on our institutions of trust appears to have taken it to the next level. John Mahama at a recent meeting with NDC lawyers in an unproved manner, attacked the Judiciary, claiming 80% of Judges have been appointed because of their affiliation to the NPP.

But one wonders what the concerns of the NDC and John Mahama truly are. If not for hypocrisy, why would the NDC and John Mahama cry foul when the likes of Amos Larwey Buertey, Francis Korbieh and George Buadi, all former members of parliament but appointed as Judges.

It appears the former President seeks to confer special rights on persons who associate with the NDC. What in the world stops anybody allegedly believed to be affiliated to the NPP from becoming a Judge if NDC former MPs have been given such positions.

It is not as though, the NDC’s John Mahama has been able to provide a scintilla of evidence that the supposed Judges are not qualified for their roles.

Is it Mr. Mahama’s point that these supposed NPP-affiliated Judges are incompetent and do not merit such a position? Obviously, that cannot be a valid claim.

To think of it, aren’t they Ghanaians? Don't they have the requisite qualification to hold such positions.?

If known NDC members like Justin Francisco Kumi can be called to the bench why should another be stopped by just being perceived to be affiliated to the NPP.

This can only be hypocrisy at its peak. It’s my view that this is an organized hypocrisy perpetrated by the NDC. Organized hypocrisy born out of desperation.

The desperation of the NDC and John Mahama for power is unheard of. This has clouded their judgments, to the extent that their comments lack substance, but full of innuendos aimed at destroying public institutions, all for one man’s parochial interest.

It is surprising that former President John Mahama is the one leading this charge. I’m yet to meet a person that this country has benefitted than John Mahama. He has literally enjoyed the perks of majority of the positions that matter in this country. He has been MP, Deputy Minister, Minister, President, and wants to be President again.

Yet he keeps bastardizing the same institutions that guarantee our freedoms as a people.

I wonder what his approach would be towards these institutions, if in the unlikely event, John Mahama becomes president again. 
How will he work with these institutions? 


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