No voting materials at (GPRTU) Polling station in the Ayawaso North constituency

BY: Mohammed Ali
Some of the electoral officers waiting for the materials to arrive

Worried expressions are written all over the faces of the electoral officers at the Mamobi West (GPRTU) Polling station in the Ayawaso North constituency of the Greater Accra Region.

Speaking to Graphic Online, The Presiding Officer Mr Alex Aklade said officers arrived at the station before 7:00 am waiting for the electoral materials to arrive but as at 11:45am, there has been no sign of the materials arriving for voting to begin.

According to Mr Aklade, he spoke to his boss when he arrived, who assured him that the materials have left the EC office and heading towards the centre but he cannot know when it will arrive because it has been more than 2 hours.


Some polling agents of some of the parliamentary aspirants were heard blaming the incumbent MP, honourable Dr Mustapha Ahmed of diverting the electoral materials.

Showing signs of anger, some said they were worried of the time allotted for the voting to end.