NDC-USA Chapter voices concerns over Bawumia's emergence as NPP flagbearer front-runner
NDC-USA Chapter voices concerns over Bawumia's emergence as NPP flagbearer front-runner

NDC-USA Chapter voices concerns over Bawumia's emergence as NPP flagbearer front-runner

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) USA Chapter Communications Bureau has expressed reservations over the lead role of Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia in the New Patriotic Party's (NPP) quest to select a flagbearer for Election 2024.

In a statement, the NDC-USA Chapter raised concerns about the implications of this outcome on Ghana's democratic accountability.

According to the NDC-USA Chapter, Dr. Bawumia's emergence as the frontrunner in the NPP's presidential primary constitutes a significant challenge to the essence of democracy, which is founded on the principle of accountability.

They argued that Ghana, often lauded as a bastion of democracy in Africa, should have seen the NPP Super Delegates Congress as an opportunity for members to hold accountable the head of the Economic Management Team, who has been at the helm during a period of economic hardship.

Drawing a parallel with Athenian democracy, where leaders could be subjected to a vote of ostracism for policy failures, the NDC-USA Chapter emphasized the importance of accountability in political leadership. They contended that Dr. Bawumia's rise to prominence was initially based on his claims of economic expertise, particularly in addressing the exchange rate challenges that have plagued Ghana for decades.

However, the statement pointed out that Dr. Bawumia's economic strategies had not delivered the expected results, and Ghana's economy was now in a state of distress. The country faced several economic challenges, including a plummeting currency, a debt-to-GDP ratio exceeding 100%, defaults on sovereign debt, both domestically and internationally, and reliance on the IMF for debt relief.

The NDC-USA Chapter criticized Dr. Bawumia's pivot away from addressing economic issues and highlighted his recent focus on topics such as digitalization and barter practices. They also noted his conspicuous silence on significant policy matters, such as the electronic levy.

Drawing on various literary references, the statement portrayed Dr. Bawumia as someone who had lost credibility. The NDC-USA Chapter underscored that the NPP's decision to endorse Dr. Bawumia as the frontrunner for the party's presidential nomination was not in line with democratic values.

In conclusion, the NDC-USA Chapter urged Ghanaians to prioritize accountability in the upcoming 2024 election and consider alternative leadership options, suggesting former President John Dramani Mahama as a potential choice.

The statement was signed by Hajia Rukaya Abubakari, the Communication Officer of the NDC-USA Chapter, and Dr. Mark Agana, Chairman of the Communication and Research Committee, along with other members of the Communications and Research Committee.

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