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My tenure will focus on entire municipality - Gladys Mann Dedey

Author: Porcia Oforiwaa Ofori
Some residents cleaning a portion of the La Market in Accra
Some residents cleaning a portion of the La Market in Accra

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA), Mrs Gladys Mann Dedey, has said that her tenure of office will not focus on her party alone but the well-being of the entire municipality.

“When I was endorsed, my message to the people was that my tenure will not only be about the party I belong to but also for the good of the municipality,” she reiterated.

Addressing residents of La during a clean-up exercise organised by the assembly last Saturday as part of the Homowo celebrations, she said the fact that one voted for her or otherwise, did not mean that she would discriminate against or in favour of any person, party or group.

Adherence to law

Mrs Dedey buttressed her commitment by affirming that her tenure would ensure strict adherence to law enforcement to facilitate good sanitation habits in the municipality.

She adminished residents to abide by the sanitation laws in order not to find themselves in court.

“I want the right thing to be done and, therefore, will not support anyone who disobeys the laws,” she stated.

According to Mrs Dedey, although the laws were there, they were not being implemented the way they should.

“From today, we are going to start implementing it. It was announced that no one should open their shops until 12 when cleaning would be over, but some people did. Today, we have seized some of their equipment, but next time, we are going to give them summons to court because it seems we are not using the laws and they are taking advantage of that,” she said.

She warned residents, who had the habit of dumping refuse in the gutters, to put a stop to that practice in order to maintain a clean environment.

“I am pleading with the people of La; they should not dump refuse in the gutters. If anyone is caught doing that, the person will be dealt with,” she said.

Proactive measures

Mrs Dedey confirmed that the assembly had taken proactive measures to ensure sanitation in the municipality.

“Very soon, we will launch the town council into the system. In two weeks’ time, they would be in their uniforms and they would be going from house to house to ensure the right thing is done. Before then, we the assembly would alert them on what exactly we are going to do so that there would not be problems when the town councils visit residences,” she added.

Mrs Dedey advised the residents not to wait until sanitation day before they clean their environment.