Ken Agyapong: 'I agree I'm too emotional, but I'll not change completely because I want to be president'

BY: Enoch Darfah Frimpong
Ken Agyapong: 'I agree I'm too emotional, but I'll not change completely because I want to be president'
Ken Agyapong: 'I agree I'm too emotional, but I'll not change completely because I want to be president'

The Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong says he is not joking with his presidential ambition and that he is very serious about running for president.

Now that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) internal elections for selecting executives from the polling station level to the national level is over, he is waiting for the party to come out with modalities and he will go all out with his campaign.

"We are watching," he said and added his move was motivated by the grassroots and his experience as a successful business mogul who wants to translate that into Ghana's forward movement.

'Too emotional'

In a television interview on Net2 Monday morning [July 18, 2022] and monitored by Graphic Online, Mr Agyapong disagreed with suggestions that he had an emotional personality which would not help him to be able to serve as a good President.

He said from afar, people may mistake him to be "too emotional" but when you get closer, you will realise the true, affable personality of Ken Agyapong.

"I'm not too emotional, but I'm passionate about things I do. But they [people] also misconstrue confidence to be arrogance," he said.

However, he said, "I agree I'm too emotional, but I'll not change completely because I want to be president."

"My yes will always be yes, and my no will always be no, so that we can move this country forward. Because of emotional considerations, many systems are unable to work in this country [Ghana]," he added.

"I agree I'm too emotional, but I'm working at it. I accept it, every body tells me that, and I'm working at it. It shows it is a problem, everybody tells me that and I'm working at it.

Why I want to President

"Every politician aspires to be at the climax, ultimate, so don't underestimate any politician. So I have analysed the situation and realised it is now my time [to run for president]."

"I was waiting patiently for President Akufo-Addo to deliver [and then I will come in]. If NPP wants to break the 8 [that is be in power for more than 8 years continuous], they should give me [Agyapong] the chance and I will deliver it. I have the potential," he said.

"I want to be president because after eight years all over the world, incumbency fatigue sets in and voters get tired of the administration. I can save the party [NPP] and break the 8."

He said he was a business mogul with experience and track record, and will serve as a good president.

Will not run for Parliamentary office again

He said by the close of 2024, he would have spent 24 years in Parliament and therefore someone needs to continue after him in Parliament at Assin Central constituency, he will not run for office as a Parliamentarian again. He said even if he does not run in the presidential race, he will still not run for office in parliament again.

Touching on one of the areas he will focus on as President, he said all Ghanaian leaders have not paid so much attention to the tourism sector and that will be one of his main focus as President.

He labelled himself as a man with "PHD" - patriotism, honesty and discipline - and said that is his slogan even though he has others such as pragmatism and meritocracy but he will not add those since it will make it too long.

In addition to his focus as President will be a National Service for all graduates in the military. 

He touched on how he will approach the one district one factory policy and refine the planting for food and jobs, which he said in it's current form will not work.

Attached below is a video from the interview with Net2

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