Edward Adade  — General Secretary, People’s Redemption Movement
Edward Adade — General Secretary, People’s Redemption Movement

Unite against Western pressure on LGBTQI+ rights — People’s Redemption Movement

The General Secretary of the People's Redemption Movement (PRM), Edward Adade, has urged Ghanaians to unite against Western pressure to accept LGBTQ+ rights, linking it to cultural universalism and donor aid.


He said the West's stance undermined Ghana's democracy and cultural values, emphasising that homosexuality and lesbianism would remain prohibited regardless of legislation. He commended President Akufo-Addo for not signing the anti-LGBTQ+ bill into law, attributing it to economic concerns and IMF bailout conditions.


Mr Adade, a Political Scientist and a Lecturer at the Catholic Institute of Business and Technology in Accra affiliated to the University of Ghana, said this in a statement he issued and copied to the Daily Graphic.

He emphasised the need for Ghanaians to unite to confront Western pressure and protect the country's cultural values and public safety.

“Ghanaians must stop intimidating the president and his party with votes as the LGBTQ+ bill awaits his signature to become law. This is a serious national issue and not a partisan issue that can affect our democracy and governance no matter the party that forms the government.”

“Let’s not blame Akufo-Addo. Let’s blame the West and their allies in the donor community for the stalemate over the LGBTQ+ bill,” he said.

Serious consideration

Besides, Mr Adade said, “serious national issues required serious consideration before action was taken”. “For instance, the people of the United Kingdom voted in 2016 in the Brexit Referendum to exit the European Union but its full implementation is yet to be effected due to the complexity of inherent factors. In the same vein presidential assent of the anti – LGBTQ bill to become a law may take some time.”

“We need to come together as chiefs, political leaders, Clergy, imams, opinion leaders and civil society organisations to confront the West and the donor community, possibly petition the UN, to stop linking acceptance of LGBTQ+ to donor aid which we have not been able to wean ourselves from as a country,” Mr Adade said.

 “Unfortunately, for those who think it is the headache of government, it is equally the headache of all citizens. Very soon, if we do not act together, they will extend LGBTQ+ rights to visa and international travel and other engagements between nations in a globalised world,” he added.

Death penalty

Mr Adade also expressed concern over the proposed abolition of the death penalty, praising the President for not signing the bill. He argued that the death penalty serves as a deterrent against violent crime and its abolition would lead to increased armed robbery and ritual killings.


The PRM is one of the new political parties formed last year ahead of the 2024 general election and had obtained its provisional certificate from the Electoral Commission to operate in the country.

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