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Elect Incorruptible, Competent Leaders - Eva Lokko

Eva Lokko want incorruptible, competent leaders to be electedThe running mate to the presidential candidate of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Madam Eva Naa Merley Lokko, has challenged the Ghanaian electorate to vote for an incorruptible and competent leadership that will transform the economy of the country.

“It is time all Ghanaians accepted incorruptible and competent leadership if our governance process is to enhance the living standards of the Ghanaian,” she stated.

Madam Lokko was addressing members of the Editorial Conference of the Daily Graphic when she paid a familiarisation visit to the offices of the Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL) in Accra Wednesday.

In her view, “It is high time Ghanaians realised that we are not going anywhere in terms of national development.”

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Madam Lokko, who is a former Director-General of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), said there was competition out there in the global community and pointed out that “a country that lacks good negotiating skills will be left behind and eventually lose out”.

She disclosed that the PPP, as a mass political party, was not interested only in gaining political power but also in the functions of government.

“That is why we in the PPP talk of competent, incorruptible leadership,” she stated, adding, “Our message is not a party; our message is Team Ghana.”

According to Madam Lokko, who is a broadcast engineer, development was based on productivity and any country that had too many young people not working was not into productivity.

“That is why we in the PPP are pushing for job creation and committed to ensuring that every single Ghanaian benefits from Ghana’s resources,” she stated.

She said the PPP was determined to build a country where the stages of life would actually work, “so that mothers are not worried about children, children are not worried about jobs and the aged not miserable; a society where the family unit is back again and working happily”.

She said a PPP government would ensure free, continuous, compulsory and quality education for all schoolchildren to enhance the country’s human resource, saying that way, every employable person in the country could secure a job.

She cited the case of the Soviet Union, where it is almost illegal to be unemployed, explaining that it was so because the Soviets had invested heavily in education so that every person could be employed.

She also called for a sustainable approach to development, saying, “We can plan the development of the country, but first we must feel ownership in every single thing we do.”

The Editor of the Daily Graphic, Mr Ransford Tetteh, gave an assurance that the GCGL, as a policy, was ready to engage all political parties in free, fair and equal coverage of this year’s elections.

He said as part of efforts to meet its constitutional mandate of providing equal coverage for the activities of all political parties and their presidential candidates, the management of the GCGL had decided to engage with the political parties in more meaningful ways.

In line with that, he said, it had decided that the Daily Graphic offer a page every week to each political party to send its campaign messages to the electorate.

“We have reached a stage where, if our democracy is to endure, we must open up our news pages for the Ghanaian electorate to make their own choices,” he stated.

Mr Tetteh, who is also the President of the Ghana Journalists Association, called on the political parties to support the effort of the GCGL to meet its constitutional mandate of giving equal coverage and opportunity to all parties.

He enjoined the political parties to endeavour to make this year’s campaign active and interesting and pledged that “we at the GCGL will be open, welcome criticisms and be engaging to correct ourselves, as well as to improve our society”.

The Chairman of the PPP, Nii Allotey Brew-Hammond, said the party had a competent and progressive running mate to complement the flag bearer, Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, for the 2012 elections and stressed that the PPP was ready for the elections.

Accompanying the running mate were leading members of the party, including Mr Mike Eghan, Mr Jojo Grant, Mrs Mary Ankomah Boakye Boateng, Ms Adisa Isa and Ms Ruth Quaye.

Story: Kobby Asmah/Daily Graphic