Consider our children – Nana Frimpomaa tells teachers

“There is a stark contradiction, when we claim that our human resource is priority number one but we abandon our youth in a moment like this.”

In a press release, she pointed out that, “We must not lose sight that it is the teacher who spends significantly definitive years with a child that produces a doctor, lawyer, journalist, member of parliament, accountant, and a president, among countless others.”

She, therefore, appealed to the government as a matter of urgency to address the concerns of the teachers for them to resume duty as soon as possible.

According to Nana Frimpomaa II, who is also the Dwantoahemaa of the Dormaa Traditional Area, the psychological implication on the performance of our children writing their exams when a teacher is not around to urge them on might be too far-reaching and costly when they fail.

“We should not appear unconcerned and later seek blame elsewhere over their poor performance. Our Children cannot continue to suffer over our failures as leaders to carryout our responsibilities,” she stated.

She declared, “I want to advise the National Labour Commission to find ways of dealing with workers’ grievances than to wait for it to intensify to the level of an industrial strike.” She also asked, “Can we not have a more sustaining method, a better dialogue for resolution than these perennial strikes that affect the ordinary already-suffering Ghanaian for whose reason we toil to serve?”

“I strongly believe that we can all do better than this. No ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’,” she further stated.

She also appealed to teachers, though they may be correct in their demands, to immediately reconsider and realise the manifold repercussions their current stance would have on Ghana in these trying times, saying, “That single mother, that farmer, and the struggling market woman whose hopes and aspirations hang on their children getting a better life through education; those who have sold what they have and don’t have, to push their children through school to this point. I plead on their behalf for you to delay your strike. For in as much as you may have a genuine grievance, please don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. Remember who the ultimate victims would be.”

She further called on all stakeholders to support their children in this difficult time, and to mediate on behalf of the teachers for government to expedite the process in formation of the agreed committee to address their issues.

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