Blame computer language for mass failure of law students - Ndebugre

BY: Pamela Annang
John Ndebugre
John Ndebugre

Private Legal Practitioner, Mr John Ndebugre thinks that the use of computer language [short messaging], is to be blamed for the mass failure of students who wrote the recent Ghana School of Law entrance examinations.

“The mass failure we are facing today can be attributed to a lack of attention to language. People are now using computer English. You can’t speak computer English in law school and expect to pass, you can’t write computer English –I dey do this, I dey do that, using abbreviations which have no meanings,” he said in a radio interview on Accra based Citi FM on Thursday.

Mr Ndebugre therefore urged the affected students to embrace the fact that they have failed.

To him, the advocates for a reformed legal education system are only promoting a model that will support the mass production of lawyers; a situation he said must be avoided.

“As far as I am concerned, many of the arguments I have heard are basically populist. We cannot encourage the mass production of anything, not lawyers, mass production is not a good thing, and it does not go with quality. I will be very surprised that anyone will agree to this. I reject it. It cannot be on a set standard. From the experience I have, I will never agree with the mass production of lawyers because I have seen some lawyers and their curriculum vitae are nothing to write home about,” he added.

Results the recent entrance examinations to the Ghana School of Law showed that out of 1820 candidates, only 128 representing 7 per cent passed.