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Truth about effective parenting techniques

BY: Enoch Darfah Frimpong

OVER the past 20 years Dr Noel Swanson, an American consultant child psychiatrist and child behaviour expert, had worked with literally thousands of parents in both North America and England, all struggling with their children's behaviour problems. And they all want the same thing.

Some of them have had children with major disabilities or disorders - like learning disabilities, Autism, and Obsessive Compulsive disorders.

Others are simply tearing their hair out about their children's oppositional and defiant behaviours - kids that think they own the world. Kids who throw temper tantrums, shout back at their parents, beat up their siblings, refuse to do as they are told... kids who think only of themselves, and want everything now. Kids who are, frankly, a parenting nightmare.

Behaviour problems

Many of these parents feel completely hopeless. They have read all the parenting books, tried all the parenting advice, and yet their kids just seem to get worse instead of better. Sometimes the behaviour problems get so bad, they even start to think about putting their children into care, as they just cannot cope. When it comes to parenting, they feel like complete failures. Maybe you have felt like that at times too?

Dr Swanson says by using the parenting techniques he developed over the past 20 years he can rapidly put parents back in control of their family. As a result, the shouting, threatening, tantrums, and all the other behaviour problems will decrease, and the helpful, polite, and good behaviours will increase. Parenting, and life, will start to become fun again.

He said over 20 years of medical practice he had realised two things:

The first is that there is a group of parents who think they can just bring their children to him and that somehow, he will magically make the problems vanish, and turn him/her into a bright, friendly, polite, charming little angel! Without them changing their parenting style an iota!

The second thing he discovered was that there were some very simple, very basic principles that could be learned by anyone, and used in any family situation, with any type of problem behaviour. Over time, he worked these principles into a parenting system that any parent can use to improve their children's behaviour and bring more fun and happiness into the family.

In fact, these techniques as so powerful that 100 per cent of parents who have used them have seen a dramatic improvement in their child's behaviours.

Fundamental Principle

Surprisingly, there is just one fundamental underlying principle that is the key to success. Understand this single concept and you will be able to work out everything else from it. Not only will you have the key to managing your children's behaviour but it will help you to understand your own and everyone else's behaviour too.

So what could you do to make things better? Good things can only happen when you take action. Nothing happens when you don't. Parenting does not have to be such hard work. You could go and see a professional - your doctor or a family guidance clinic perhaps. And you would get good parenting advice from them.