Organic food restaurant opens in Accra

BY: Mohammed Ali

A restaurant that focuses on health-oriented local and intercontinental cuisines has opened on the Nyaho Clinic road at the Airport residential area in Accra.

The eatery prides itself as the first of its kind in the country and will serve only organic and natural diets and also provide an environment that caters for the socialization needs of families and friends.

The restaurant serves an exclusive blend of high quality African snacks, aromatic teas and drinks from several African countries, salads, fruits juices, pressed vegetable juices, smoothies, sandwiches, and muffins among others; all without additives or preservatives.

It also has a space where poetry, music and other business related interactions can be hosted.

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“The goal is to provide a nutritious, organic food that is reasonably priced in a relaxing ambience for our clients”, Kwame Bekoe, the founder of N8tive Food and Beverage Bar said at the unveiling of the restaurant to the public.

According to him, the idea of opening an organic food restaurant was envisioned during a stay in France where their exotic food culture impressed him and influenced the kind of food services he would provide in the future.

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Coupled with the personal difficulty of finding a healthy, quality and affordable meal in the city, he initiated the idea of establishing an eatery that serves meals made from organically grown local food products.

He said due to his expeditions to several African countries, he had come across diverse cuisines, which are currently being served at the bar and believes the African inspired delicacies would excite the palate and the eating experience of his potential customers.

“The goal that we have is to promote Africa, while most of the products are continental, they are African inspired so we have a selection of teas, coffees, beverages coming from different African countries, so anything we offer is from the continent,” he noted.

N8tive Food and Beverage Bar founder, Kwame Bekoe


Food and Lifestyle

Ms Ruth Akrong, the Managing Director, said the focus of the restaurant is to promote healthy local and African cuisines in a quality environment and encouraging better eating lifestyles through the food it serves customers.

According to her, junk food was becoming a norm in the country to the detriment of wholesome organic alternatives.

In that regard she said the restaurant will channel efforts towards creating awareness in a way that will make healthy eating attractive to many Ghanaians who have grown accustomed to eating junk and unhealthy food.

Ms Akrong said the awareness drive on healthy eating will revolve around the concept of a sound mind in a healthy body and an environment that uplifts the spiritual growth of customers promising that the restaurant will never compromise on its health-oriented food.

She said time will be dedicated to educate walk-in customers about the benefits of certain organic foods and provide them with healthy options to choose from. She added that all frontline staff are trained to handle the food needs of customers.

She advised Ghanaians to limit the intake of soggy and oily foods and rather appreciate the healthy alternative of salads, fruits and vegetables in order to stay healthy.

Food and Health

For the Vice Chairman / Brands & Marketing Director of N8tive Food and Beverage Bar, Ms Adubea Ayisi, a lot of Ghanaians are getting conscious about eating healthy due to the prevalence of a range of illnesses and diseases that are associated with poor eating habits.

She said this therefore makes the promotion of healthy organic cuisines much easier.

She explained that the philosophy of the restaurant is aimed at rejuvenating the body, mind and spirit of customers and to concientise them on the benefits living longer and healthier lives.

“There is no point having a fantastic job and not living to enjoy it, there is no point in acquiring certain lifestyles that affects your family," she noted.

According to her, one does not necessarily have to spend a lot of money to remain healthy.

Ms Adubea Ayisi explained that due to the busy nature of work schedules, many Ghanaians are left with the option of eating junk food during the day and eating beyond 6 pm which is detrimental to their health.

To encourage quality family time, she said the restaurant will offer special packages to families. This she said, will create an important space for parents to take a break from their busy schedules while their children are entertained with a variety of educative games such as the lost art of storytelling traditionally known as Anansesem which she believe helps the listening, speaking, narration and articulation of children.

She added that aerobics services will be available to customers to complement the healthy eating advocacy they are leading.

She said due to its vision of becoming a leader and a preferred service provider in Ghana for natural foods and drinks, the restaurant grows its own fruits and vegetables and is very diligent in all processes that put nutritious meals on the table of customers.